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Rand Paul: Hero of the Day


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As I watched Rand Paul on C-Span today pontificate the truth on the Senate floor, I quite imagined what it must have been like long ago, when John Quincy Adams, went through the same ordeal (although much worse) on the floor of the House back before the Civil War. Somethings are just dead wrong. Slavery was, and so is an American government, spying on its own people.

For years Adams argued, cajoled, attacked and shouted relentlessly for the right of petition, and was basically the most hated man in the Congress because he fought for over 14 years to get rid of the gag rule: a gag rule that was put up to prevent anyone in Congress from even discussing slavery.

The Southern Democrats just refused to talk about it…so it isn’t the first time in our history that Congress has been full of scoundrels.

Will Rand Paul have to fight for 14 more years do the same? Or will, they just appease the American people, say it is stopped,  and go right on spying on us? They lie to our face every day.

It helps to remember that the NSA surveillance program is not only unconstitutional, it is not protecting us much at all. On the contrary, it’s lacks logic of any kind. Why monitor everyone, when you should only be monitoring dangerous people? It’s not only a big waste of money, it’s completely  moronic..and so we all ask, WHY are so many in government demanding that they do this?

T say that the NSA is protecting us…and then allow open borders…is beyond belief. Any pretension that our leaders are trying to protect us is laughable, when they do nothing to protect and defend our borders, from which, many jihadists have already entered. They could have prevented that…they did not.

Right before this speech, Rand Paul was begging the President for the remaining five-minute he deserved— but John McCain was throwing a hussy fit on the floor. Why, why how DARE Rand Paul even pursue this because at that very moment, ISIS was run a muck all over the world.

Right now, they are voting to stop talking and debating it. It’s Sunday after all, they all want to get out of there.

The proponents to keep the act, have been all over the TV for weeks shouting the same message” THE SKY WILL FALL! WE WILL BE ATTACKED! WE MUST GATHER EVERYONE’S RECORDS!” Karl Rove has been especially scary. He’s scary enough.

The main reason they give to keep the act: Even though all the records of everyone is being collected, nobody in government is looking at your records! Go ahead: Laugh here: Ha ha…ha.

Right. Snowdon told us that the NSA was collecting nude pictures..and passing them around the office like baseball cards.

Samsung now has a camera built into its TV sets to record YOU….but they won’t. Nope.

Police officers can now turn on your cell phone if they feel like it.

Just because they say they don’t do it, doesn’t mean they can’t.

Do you feel safe with that? Especially with a President who has claimed that conservative Americans are more suspicious than regular Terrorists? With a President who says when the time comes, he will SIDE with Islam

Not only that, the government can come into your house without you knowing it, and go through your computer and home. They can come into your house, question you, and if you tell anyone they did, anyone at all, you can be taken away, without a trial. You cannot have a lawyer. You cannot get representation or a trial by a jury of your peers.

The President himself can have you killed, at his own whim. And nobody will know. That’s so un-American I can’t even begin to imagine it.

This is no difference than Stalin’s Russia.

Besides: when has the government stopped any terrorist act? And what have they done for us lately? Let’s see…economy….security…losing wars…worse educational system in the Western Hemisphere…cities going broke, half the people without full-time jobs…and most of us losing our health care or going broke trying to pay for it. And…let’s not mention inflation. No. Nasty little word that.

Right. Our government is doing such a bang up job.

Go back to President George W. Bush. The World Trade Center was bombed when Clinton was in office, how stupid are they?  Many FBI agents warned them. Some guy even predicted it in a book.  And somebody knew about the 9/11 attack because an awful lot of people traded stock the day before and made millions.

And yet, today, Rove and the FOX Rino’s…all say, “We just couldn’t have known!”

That’s all BS. The real truth is, our government has been monitoring our phone calls and emails since before 9.11.

Just because they say they don’t ‘use’ that power, doesn’t mean they won’t. And they have.

How can we trust them? How many times have they LIED to us?

Obama used the IRS to go after all the Tea Party organizations to shut them all down before the election…we are suppose to trust that nobody in Government is looking at our records?

Then why collect them in the first place? Why KEEP them? You know why. Data. Study…money…just imagine the power they can have with all that information.

The Clinton’s gathered all the FBI records illegally on Congress long ago, which is WHY we are all-seeing Dennis Hastert being trashed about some sexual extortion that happened long before he even became a politician. They needed to take Bill off the sexual map, which isn’t easy. Dennis isn’t even IN politics anymore. Perfect.

The American people didn’t even KNOW that they were collecting every phone call, every library book, every little keystroke. Not until Snowdon told us.

The Patriot Act is not about protecting Americans from ISIS, (Because let’s fact it folks, if they were dead serious about protecting us from ISIS, they wouldn’t let thousands of Muslims into America, and they would KEEP them from coming back after they visited a jihad camp.

BUT THEY Don’t do that, so if they can’t stop a terrorist from blowing up a Boston marathon, how can listening to your phone conversation do anything at all, but tell them who you are going to vote for?

It’s all about power, control, and politicians being able to protect themselves from the American people….and it’s the American people they have to watch.

Rand Paul:

Bulk collection of phone records didn’t find or stop the Tsarnaev brothers from the massacre in Boston. In fact, one might argue that all of the money spent on bulk collection takes money away from human analysts that might have noticed the older brother’s trip to become radicalized in Chechnya. Just this week the FBI opined that they don’t have enough resources to monitor jihadists suspects in the U.S.

I would argue this will make us more safe, not less. It has been said that finding a terrorist is like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, for years, your government’s answer has been to make the haystack bigger by gobbling up every American’s information.

That must end.

Our Muslim CIA director, John Brennan, said this:

“This is something that we can’t afford to do right now,” Brennan said of allowing the counter terrorism provisions to expire at midnight Sunday. Brennan did not mention Paul by name, but he expressed exasperation over the politicization of important programs which he insisted “have not been abused” by US authorities.

Maybe Americans should be able to listen to the phone records of our politicians. Now THAT would be a the best protection yet

The American people might win a short victory tonight, thanks to Rand, but none of us know if this is exactly what the elites REALLY want: If we are attacked, they can blame it on Rand Paul. And if Obama has done one thing continually for his time in office, it has been to set us up for one.

THAT horrible day, will be on the “I will stand with Islam” head of Barack Hussein Obama.

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