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An IRS Man and a Lawyer…His Ticket to Heaven

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One of my neighbors is having a big graduation party for her grandson, who just graduated from Law school. I plan to take this little joke with me….laughing dog

(Thanks to Readers Digest)

The old preacher was dying, as he sent for a lawyer and an IRS agent from his congregation. The lawyer and the agent were puzzled, since neither had been a close friend to the preacher.

As the two men entered the dying man’s room, the preacher motioned for them to sit on either side of his bed. Then he grasped their hands, signed contentedly and stared at the ceiling. No one said anything. Finally the lawyer asked the preacher, “Why did you ask the two of us to come to your deathbed.?”

“Jesus died between two thieves,” the preacher answered, “and that’s how I want to go too.”


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