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Man Saves Turtle

Nobody Flashes

Now…this is a good news story..a man who is so compassionate he helped his pet turtle get around…after it was injured.

I am VERY fond of turtles, because….when my son growing up, we had at least six of them as pets in the yard. And I found out, that turtles (or tortoises) can have as distinct a personality as any human.

They can be very lovable, turtles. One of my morning pleasures was going out and finding a nice batch of worms for them all to enjoy.

Do I sound pretty pathetic? (okay yes)

That’s why I like this guy. Great guy. The world would be less without turtles, and also less without such caring people to fill it.

Too bad all we see everyday on our TV are the morons.

(Thanks to Mona! )

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Nobody Cares if I Admire Sheriff David Clarke

Nobody Cares…

If I flash this excellent commentary by Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee.

This guy is the best, and gives nobodies out here in La-la Al Sharpton land— hope.


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