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Nobody’s Perfect: John Kerry (VS Pentagon VS Secret Service)

Nobody’s Perfect

Hey! I’ve already decided who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week: It goes out to our Secretary of State, John ( I was born to bike) Kerry, who did something very few people would even think of doing: he went bike riding in the Swiss Alps, and broke a leg, only to end up being flown home in a giant US military C-17 transport aircraft, capable of holding over 100 troops.John Kerry bike two

If ONLY our ambassador in Benghazi had broken his leg on a bike, he might still be alive. Everyone who knows an ambassador anywhere in the world…tell them if they are in danger, to break a leg. Preferably on a bike, then call the state department.

Now that the winner has been picked, I would deem myself not worthy of this fine Tuesday if I did not report the fact that our government is not paying enough attention to missing weapons of mass destruction. You would THINK after Iraq, they’d put a few more men on finding WMD’…weapons of mass destruction are being…lost again.

First: Check your pulse…are you feeling a bit wobbly? Best read this:Anthrax

The Pentagon has been sending out samples of Anthrax….LIVE Anthrax.

From USA Today:

The Pentagon has learned that additional samples of live anthrax were sent to three laboratories in Canada, two Defense officials confirmed Monday evening.

That means that specimens of the deadly Bacillus anthracis have been sent to labs in 12 states, the District of Columbia and three countries. The samples came from the U.S. Army lab at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. Scientists there thought they had been shipping inactive strains of the deadly spores for research purposes.

Simple mistake, right? Oops. Sorry. Those guys at the Pentagon were just hung over from the strip bar the night before. Anybody could make that mistake. Come on. Nobody got hurt…big deal.anthrax 2

And THEN, we must question Obama’s Secret Service…again. It seems, a guy in Miami was driving around with a huge Israeli missile, in the back of his convertible…when Obama was in town. Somehow, they missed it.

Madden ( the man’s name) drove from Dania Beach to Boca Raton on Thursday morning with the business end of an Israeli Air Force air-to-surface missile rising from the passenger seat of his topless Volvo.

The day he decided to get the missile just so happened to be the day President Barack Obama was visiting the National Hurricane Center in Miami-Dade County after a night of local fund-raising.

“With Obama in Miami, I was having second thoughts,” Madden said. “I thought people would see me driving around with a missile and it might cause some trouble.”

But he had nothing to worry about.missles

Even the police didn’t pull him over.

Nevertheless, there is a good side to all this news: Since only the labs that received the anthrax were exposed, most of us are safe.

And the guy with the missile? It ‘wasn’t armed.

BUT…John Kerry is going to miss all the Iranian peace talks

I for one, think…so what if John Kerry’s plane ride home cost the American taxpayer over $100 quadrillion dollars…What’s a few million…if it saved lives?

So, congratulations John Kerry, you win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week! We are GLAD you are such a klutz.

Americans are hoping that you get well soon…and get back on that bike.  We hope that you will get back in the saddle and show us what a true American can do.

Pike’s Peak is waiting. Good luck!



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NSA: It’s all or nothing? Bull-#($%&

Nobody Reports

Being as we are all used to the tricks and politics of Washington…you know the “delay, delay, delay” and the “cause the biggest problem so that we can come in with OUR solution”….  “Put another fear scaring headlines on the news to distract attention from the crimes of politicians”  and the “accuse the other party of doing EXACTLY that crime which you are currently committing” and the “lie, lie, and then lie some more” tactic…how can we be surprised at all at anything happening in Washington?NSA six

Yesterday’s victory by Rand Paul, in which he was able stop for a few days, the collecting of everybody’s data, was viewed by Americans who care, as a good thing.

But most of the GOP were in panic mode—because evidently, it not only stopped collecting our data but also the data of terrorists.

It also meant at least a temporary end to the FBI’s authority to gather business records in terrorism and espionage investigations, and to more easily eavesdrop on a suspect who is discarding cellphones to avoid surveillance

Tell me: Whose idea was it to lump a ‘all or nothing’ clause into data collecting? It certainly wasn’t Rand Paul..but that’s how Washington works.  Make it look like it’s Rand Paul who is putting us all in danger, NOT the real people.

As Mike Lee pointed out, the Senate knew this day was coming for years…and they did, nothing.(On purpose)…so that the one man who tried to do something was made the villain.

When Rush Limbaugh today, started his program with sarcastic remarks to the American citizen that he could now make that illegal phone call that he couldn’t make before, I thought to myself..NSA five

So, Rush is for the Patriot Act and the giving up of the 4th amendment. Okay…good to know. And then he launched right into “Forget all this, they are going to spy on us anyway and what you all need to be paying attention to is Scott Walker.”

I turned on FOX, and sure enough…it was Scott Walker that was the subject of the day. I haven’t checked, but Scott must be for the Patriot Act.

What that does tell you? Rand Paul’s victory put a big scare into the GOP and that means, they don’t think Rand Paul can be controlled.  They’d better get to focusing on him.

Rush, along with John McCain said that Rand Paul did this just to get funds for his elections. Right. And Edward Snowden just wanted to have the full force of the United Stated Government hunt him down and kill him…

I don’t buy it.

As far as this Nobody is concerned, Rand Paul is just doing what they all should be doing…following the law. The Constitution.  Rush probably lost a few listeners today. I know, I will listen between his lines a lot more carefully than before.

John McCain, R-Ariz. complained to reporters that Paul places “a higher priority on his fundraising and his ambitions than on the security of the nation.”

I don’t know about you…but I’d trust Rand Paul with my safely long before I would trust mad dog John McCain.

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