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Nobody’s Perfect: Karl Rove VS The AP

Nobody’s Perfect

This week–the match-up is between that lovable little pip of a Bush family seig-heiller, Karl Rove, and the nation’s reliable news around the world–the AP.Karl and Chalkboard four

Let’s start with Karl Rove. As Phyllis Schlafly has so astutely pointed out, Karl has helped lose the elections for the last three Presidential GOP candidates.  He really needs to go. But he’s still around? What the heck?

He advised John McCain: He lost. He advised Romney: He lost. He even advised John Edwards, and look how that turned out. Karl Rove has managed to sink more than a few honest tea party candidates and despite his overwhelming efforts to kill the voice of the true conservatives in this country, we managed to put quite a few in the House anyway.

So, did those guys lose because Rove has lost his touch? Or did they lose because maybe…just maybe…Karl Rove ‘s main job has ALWAYS been to pave the way for one more Bush Presidency?

Nobody Knows.

And this week— Rove…has decided that we just need to get rid of that second amendment, and then the ‘racist’ killings would stop. (Is Karl black?)karl and chalkboard two

“Think about how far we’ve come since 1963. The whole weight of the government throughout the South was to impede finding and holding and bringing to justice the men who perpetrated the (Birmingham) bombing.”

(Sounds JUST like Obama, doesn’t it?)

“Now maybe there’s some magic law that will keep us from having more of these. I mean basically the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce the acts of violence invoking guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough “oomp” to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen.”

I can think of some “oomp” I’d like to deliver to the little dweeb.

Yes, tiny Karl is out for your guns. Remember: He represents the Bush family, NOT Obama…but when it comes to disarming the population, they are best buds.

And then there’s that lovely AP photo, that had a gun pointing at Ted Cruz’s head, but the photographer claims it was just a picture. A LOT of people were very upset at the obvious message.Ted Cruz

Imagine that this same AP photographer, instead of shifting a foot to the left or the right, framed a picture with the Senator’s nose almost touching the barrel, as a closer crop makes clear.

Imagine that this photographer, even though he took a few shots with this silly setup, took many more without it. Imagine that his editor–unnamed and insulated from public backlash–chose not one  but three of those photos to distribute to AP’s clients.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?Karl and chalkboard three

Is it Karl Rove…who was once subpoenaed to hand over emails, but claimed executive privilege and resigned first and never handed over a single one? (Sound familiar?)

A man who HATES conservatives, and has done more to hand over our country to the liberals than any other man? NOW he wants our guns?

Or is it AP, which is supposed to be a trusted news station, and if this was Hillary Clinton, than you can BET yesterday’s losing lottery ticket that whoever took that picture of a gun pointing at Obama’s or Hillary’s head, would not only be fired, but probably doing jail time in Cuba right now?Karl Rove and Rhinos

Nobody SAYS—

Congratulations Karl! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week.  I’d send you a chalkboard with a list of the total number of disasters you have caused the country, but it would be so big and long, it wouldn’t fit in your little tiny dweebie car.

Or do you ride around in big limo’s to make up for your obvious imperfections?

Or do you just ride Rino’s


Heil Rove!Karl Rove heil




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A Short Lesson on the Sheer NUMBERS of Immigrants

Nobody Reports

This video is going around the net.

And it’s one of the main reasons Donald Trump strikes a chord. He is the only one that has talked about really doing something about it. (At least that I’ve heard.)

Numbers…don’t lie—-Unless your Bill Clinton trying to recall how many women he has been with.

You can’t flood a country with millions of people and expect it to survive.

But then, maybe that’s the plan.


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What Person on the Planet Is SURE to Survive Anything?

Nobody’s Opinion

Here’s a question to ponder: Why in the world, would anyone want to spend millions, (in a few cases billions) of dollars just to become President? The job pays…$400,000.

Sure: There are the obvious perks: The best chef in the world, Air Force One, anything in the world you want is yours for the asking. Power, money, control, your place in history—but then again, think of the job? Who in their right mind would want that job?

Is it me? Or is the fact that so MANY people are running this year a bit–excessive? Surely they all know that the more that get in the race, the less chance they might have of winning. That’s not stopping any of them. President 2016

That question has been bothering me. Most of us are very pleased to see so many likable candidates reaching out to the American people for support. Everybody knows—- unless you are a Woody Harrison look-a-like surfer and living on welfare, that we are heading for a collapse…of some kind. If the Iranians don’t attack, then there’s Russia, or China, and it’s not just the Syrians running out of their country–according to Alex Jones, ALL the billionaires are grabbing what gold they have and moving to their New Zealand bunkers. Even Texas wants it’s gold back from the Feds.

The rich rats are jumping off the ship in droves, so to speak.

But back to the question: Why are so many running?

Many seem very sincere: Among those Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Carson, and Fiorina.

But Huckabee? Santorum? Graham? Really?

These people want that job BADLY. You can hear it in their voices. For instance, watch in this fabulous speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition, how Carly Fiorina is fighting back to get a place on the debate ticket, which is democracy at its best don’t you think? (Okay…that was supposed to be sarcastic.)  She is going gangbusters (the speech was great: Start at 10.00, and if you have little time, go ahead to 20.00 the ending is brilliant.) but the “polls’ could kick her out of the debates.

Sorry America….WE decide the polls. (You know, the rich and powerfully paid.)

The GOP decides whether you are ‘popular’ enough to be in the debates?

What is this? Survival? bunker two

People are so MAD at politicians they could spit. So therefore, Trump and Fiorina look to be the only two business candidates, which to many, gives them an advantage.

And Trump is trying to eliminate her (who is his best competition) by saying she lost big in California.

To a CONSERVATIVE…that’s a badge of honor. California doesn’t want her? She must be doing something right.

But here’s a thought…dare I speak it? If I would put myself in their place…IF the world is headed for WW III, or a total economic collapse..(read the web, it’s EVERYWHERE.) There would be NO better job of the planet to have than to be the President of the United States.

So, one must honestly ask: Is this race also about sheer survival?

Think of it: If you were President, with all the thousands of people protecting just you alone, and your family, you WOULD survive, even if the whole planet went under.

You might have to stay out of the sun in your extra luxurious hidden bunker for a few years, but most people would be happy to be there.

Let’s see…what would their bunkers look like?:

Bush? Hey, his family more than any other knows the perks of being President. BUT..Bush’s family is SO big, you’d need at least one in every state to hold them all. Bush shows off artwork

Cruz? No, he really seems sincere about it…I can’t put him up there. But his dad’s presence alone would make everybody else want to be there. 

Paul? His own father is trying to warn the world that it is coming.  They could sit in the bunker and say, “We TRIED to warn them.”

Rubio? Not sure…what did Jeb Bush show him? We don’t know. But Rubio would probably start a good re-population program of little Rubio’s…there would be a lot of future kids. 

Carson? Carson is NOT stupid….at least he wouldn’t need a doctor. 

Huckabee? Oh yes, he wants in that bunker. And I’m sure he already has a bunker just in case, with a concert hall. 

Graham? Hell yes.  I’m thinkin….The whole Bunny Ranch. 

Fiorina?  She would probably be busy working on a NEW America the whole time. 

Walker? He’s a question mark to me.  They keep him off the TV pretty much..Who IS this guy? Is he the wild card? 

Trump? As much as I like the guy, he would definitely want that power to have his whole family protected. To him it would be a no-brainer.  He would redesign whatever bunker Obama has designed on the first day, with the Trump lettering on all the bunker towels. Everybody would be afraid to use them. 

Should we all be so cynical to think that ALL these people running truly want to save America? Every one of them is selfless?

Ha ha! Does Bill Clinton like to use oblong objects on young interns in hallways?

Anyway, as we watch Obama travel the world playing golf, you have to wonder…

When is the executive order coming to suspend the 2016 Presidential election? Is he trying to cause a massive attack in order to keep himself in power?

Scary thought isn’t it? (Scarlett O’Hara says: I just won’t think of that today..I’ll worry about that tomorrow!)

If the world is as bad as we are all reading…

Then Obama won’t even have to make a phone call…all he will need is his pen….and his putter.

And probably…his favorite pizza maker from St. Louis.

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