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Nobody’s Perfect: Barack Obama VS Jay Foster

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have the “President” of the United States VS a Mississippi High School Superintendent. It seems neither one of these guys have a strategy for future events. Without a plan, you more than likely will end up with mud in your face. A loser. A failure. And this week we have two “leaders” who clearly are not thinking.

It’s Obama VS Jay.

Let’s start with Obama. As you can tell from this Obama speech, he says he doesn’t have a strategy for Iraq…so ISIS is taking it back, people are being slaughtered all over the country, and Obama has no idea what to do. This is basically Obama’s strategy so far in Iraq. obama care faciet

It’s also sums up his economic strategy, of which he has not thought about either.

And then there’s Jay Foster, the superintendent of a high school in Mississippi…who WARNED parents that they had to remain silent during the graduation ceremony:

Superintendent Jay Foster of Senatobia Schools in Mississippi pressed disturbing the peace charges against parents who did not follow his directions to hold applause till the end of the graduation ceremony. Not only were the offending parents removed from the audience, missing the rest of the ceremony, but they now each face a possible $500 fine. Apparently zero tolerance now extends to parents as tolerance

Really? REALLY? Parents are now being told by democratic liberal idiots NOT to celebrate and applaud for their kids–especially black kids whose graduation from High School is becoming rarer than Hillary Clinton press event? Jay did NOT think this one out. You have to wonder where Jesse Jackson is on this, because the parents had a right to complain about being arrested and fined.

Since when does a school have a right to dictate such nonsense to parents? And since WHEN is it advisable to arrest people for giving a simple shout-out? What? Blacks can shout out the most hateful obscenities to cops but they can’t tell their own kids..good job? Maybe if they had shouted out, “Kill all cops!” they would have not been arrested.

How much do you want to bet, that superintendent was black. Gee…teachers can bully just about anybody.

And we pay their salaries.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Obama…We all know the horrible global and national damage he has done, and the lives lost because of his decision to ‘end’ wars so he looks good to himself. That’s shameful enough.

But, to blame it on the Pentagon goes beyond imagination. Right. The Pentagon doesn’t have a plan. Typical Obama. Blame somebody else.

If you believe that, then I’m SURE you went through Mississippi’s Senatobia School System.

And no…I’m not congratulating Obama for being the worst President in our history.  The most perfect day in Obama’s history is when he no longer is relevant, and he can get OFF the world stage.

THAT…will be a good day.


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The Bitch and the Blameless

Nobody Reports

It’s SUMMER! And when the earth warms up, the rich get going to their favorite spots on the planet to vacation….

The leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized countries are currently meeting at the luxury Elmau Castle in Schloss Elmau, Germany. 

(What happened to the G-8 and G-12?…) Michelle vacation one

And we see Obama here, using an opportunity to cuddle up to the IMF President, and completely ignore Afghanistan’s President, for the obvious reason: MONEY! Who is MORE important on the world stage than the leaders of the world’s money? Poor Abadi. He really wanted to talk to Obama, but was rudely ignored…on purpose? You tell me. Most of these leaders, after their big photo shoots as the most important men and women on the planet, where Angela Merkel went on to demand MONEY from mostly us on climate change, since Germany is tired of forking money for Greece…most of them will take the 40 minute (via five by helicopter) to the more important Bilderberg meetings…where the real money and control of the planet is being discussed…by unelected global money people.

In the meantime, Michelle Obama needed another vacation, and so she had taking off to Europe…here from the Huffington Post:

First Lady Michelle Obama is set for an extravagant and important trip overseas from June 15-21 where she will travel to London for the Let Girls Learn initiative, Milan for the Let’s Move!initiative, and Vicenza for the Joining Forces initiative. Mrs. Obama will be accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Marian Robinson and her two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Mrs. Obama and the crew will also visit several cultural sites in Venice before returning back home, making for an event-filled trip.

As you can see, Mrs. Obama is utilizing her last year as the First Lady in a powerful and helpful way.

Who out there really believes that this is the LAST year of ‘utilizing’ (translation: spending millions of hard-earned taxpayers dollars on her own vacations) ? After all, she has all over 2016 to have more fun, as does Obama.

And in Obama’s economy, the vacation for many nobodies in America amount to getting a bargain at their local flea market.


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