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It’s SUMMER! And when the earth warms up, the rich get going to their favorite spots on the planet to vacation….

The leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized countries are currently meeting at the luxury Elmau Castle in Schloss Elmau, Germany. 

(What happened to the G-8 and G-12?…) Michelle vacation one

And we see Obama here, using an opportunity to cuddle up to the IMF President, and completely ignore Afghanistan’s President, for the obvious reason: MONEY! Who is MORE important on the world stage than the leaders of the world’s money? Poor Abadi. He really wanted to talk to Obama, but was rudely ignored…on purpose? You tell me. Most of these leaders, after their big photo shoots as the most important men and women on the planet, where Angela Merkel went on to demand MONEY from mostly us on climate change, since Germany is tired of forking money for Greece…most of them will take the 40 minute (via five by helicopter) to the more important Bilderberg meetings…where the real money and control of the planet is being discussed…by unelected global money people.

In the meantime, Michelle Obama needed another vacation, and so she had taking off to Europe…here from the Huffington Post:

First Lady Michelle Obama is set for an extravagant and important trip overseas from June 15-21 where she will travel to London for the Let Girls Learn initiative, Milan for the Let’s Move!initiative, and Vicenza for the Joining Forces initiative. Mrs. Obama will be accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Marian Robinson and her two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Mrs. Obama and the crew will also visit several cultural sites in Venice before returning back home, making for an event-filled trip.

As you can see, Mrs. Obama is utilizing her last year as the First Lady in a powerful and helpful way.

Who out there really believes that this is the LAST year of ‘utilizing’ (translation: spending millions of hard-earned taxpayers dollars on her own vacations) ? After all, she has all over 2016 to have more fun, as does Obama.

And in Obama’s economy, the vacation for many nobodies in America amount to getting a bargain at their local flea market.


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