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To Trust, or NOT to Trust…the EPA.

Nobody Cares…

I was at the Police Department today, and it’s amazing— the police are very well protected. If you want to go into my local police station, it’s not like ANYTHING you see on T.V. Nope. You walk into a very small 12′ by 4′ hall, which has two chairs. There’s a small window (no doubt bullet proof) where on the other side there resided a secretary, and an officer, watching Monitors. I’m sure the officers had really nice offices inside, but there was no way any citizen would get in there.manhatten project 3

“An officer will be right with you. Have a seat.” Right. No thanks. The chairs looked like you might catch Ebola if you even came near them.

As I waited (standing up) I noticed a poster on the wall, with the pictures of every officer in our little city..which came out to about 15, all white but one. The poster said. “We do not racially profile.”

They have to put it on the wall now? Jeeez.

About ten minutes later, in walked big…I’ll call him John. He looked formidable, but nice. Very nice.

While I was talking to him about my “case” of identify fraud, (I am one of the many it seems) I decided to ask him, about whether I should be concerned about the nearby landfill that, according to the news, was ready to explode, and basically radiate the whole city of St. Louis, St. Louis Country, St. Charles, and probably, with the right wind, most of Ohio.

Now, every ISIS member in the U.S. is making plans, I’m sure to head to St. Louis.

He looked at me as he put his hands on his gun. In my opinion, we have all been walking around in a maze of pollution for over twenty years.” he said. “But that’s just my opinion. McDonald Douglass and Boeing have been dumping chemicals and bullets, and nuclear waste everywhere for decades. Besides…if there REALLY was a danger, the government would be taking care of it.”

“Do you trust them, really?”Manhatten project

“It’s just political stuff.” he said. “Hey, where you going to move? There’s stuff to worry about everywhere.” he said.

I must admit, he had a point. I felt a bit better…maybe what they said on the radio last night was just more fear mongering. Last night nuclear energy expert Scott Portzline was a guest on Coast to Coast

Scott Portzline talked about the dangers associated with a long burning underground fire in a St. Louis landfill that is nearing a nuclear waste site. Started by a methane build-up, the fire has been burning for about five years and is now only three football field lengths away from buried nuclear materials, he reported. The big concern at the site is thorium-230 which is 60,000 times more radioactive than uranium and classified to be as hazardous as plutonium.

“IF you just breathe it in, you won’t make it. ” he said. He said the reason they hadn’t fixed the problem was because it was so close to the Mississippi river, and it happened to be the biggest pile of thorium-230 in the world. It was the waste, from the Manhattan project.

NOW they tell us.

As I listened to the policeman, I kept thinking about what I heard last night.

Manhatten project 2

Manhattan Project sites

I was glad to get out of that little space, and then went up to my local government license bureau. As I was waiting to get my new drivers license papers, I asked the girl behind the counter if she had heard about the danger under the waste site.

“Yeah. My old boyfriend got really mad at me, because he used to work at the waste site letting off the gas. After he broke up with me he called me on the phone and yelled at me…”You mean you KNEW that I was walking on top of the Manhattan project and never told me!!”

He worked there for five years, and they never mentioned it to him. She didn’t either.

It’s no wonder they aren’t together.

By this reasoning, you have to wonder, how much are they telling the local police?skeptical

On the way home, I heard the news on the radio:

“The EPA has assured everyone in the St. Louis area, that they are safe.”

I thought, “Right, the same EPA that just polluted a whole river, in the middle of the country.”

So, who do I believe? The cop, who no doubt has been told to not cause a panic, so that the majority of the people who still live here (many are already moving due to Ferguson) do not leave and he loses his job?

Or the nuclear expert on the radio?

The real facts are not encouraging. The reason so many people died in Katrina is because the city politicians decided not to fix those walls. So many dams broke in the recent floods in the East, that eleven people died, all because the government does not spend money on infrastructure. Every President SWEARS they are going to fix America’s infrastructure.

It’s never done.

And worse of all, one EMP attack above the country, or one cyber attack by China, and the country will be brought to its knees.

Do they fix it? We could fix the grid from EMP attack if Obama would not play golf for just ONE MONTH.

One month, and America could be protected.

Is that too much to ask?

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  3. Joyanna, At no time did I say “IF you just breathe it in, you won’t make it.” That’s just not the case and would appreciate if you withdrawal that misquote.
    Thank You. I hope that the fire is dealt with properly very soon.


    Comment by Scott Portzline | October 31, 2015 | Reply

    • Sorry, that was a misquote, you are right…I was “paraphrasing” and I should have said that…..but I do believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I took it to mean that you said that if there was an ‘event’, if you were near and walking around and breathing in the air, chances are, you wouldn’t die RIGHT AWAY, but you would retain high radiation levels, which as we all know, would make you very sick. And the tone in your voice took it to mean…not such a good thing. I SHOULD have written it not as a direct quote, but as a warning to my own opinion as to what I got out of what you were saying.

      By the way, do YOU have the exact thing you said that night, (Just on that opinion about contamination) so that my readers could see exactly what you DID say?

      I do not have a subscription to Coast to Coast, (sadly, I can’t afford it) or I could look it up…but It would do a lot of good to uphold your excellent work, and assure my readers I did not just grab that fear out of thin air. I am a devoted listener to Coast to Coast, and the wonderful programing done by them every night.

      I did write George before your interview and asked him to do a show on this, as I think it is of the upmost importance. In fact, a friend of mine in Australia warned me about this a year ago, and there was nothing over here about it. (He’s in Mensa) Because of my own busy life, I ignored him.

      The good news is, because George had you on his program, the news got NATIONAL attention, which was great, and I am, like most people who live near that area, eternally grateful to you both.

      Accept my apologies. And thank you for even reading this!


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 1, 2015 | Reply

  4. Joyanna -You say your generation “blew it”- – not necessarily. I am the proud possessor of mom’s and dad’s photo albums, from their earliest years; all kinds of notations, with dates, locations, etc., are in there. Some of those photos and notes were obtained from other family members and friends and added to the collection- – it creates a more complete picture. I started photography, as a hobby, when I was 10, or 11, so I have quite a collection myself. My 3 grown kids enjoy going through those albums and they know most of the stories by heart, to pass on to their children (my grands)! My son is the proud possessor of the panorama photo taken of my dad’s class, when they graduated from “boot”, in 1917.


    Comment by madmemere | October 19, 2015 | Reply

    • Just a PS -Back in 1917, the Naval Training Center was in Norfolk, Va; today it’s up in the Great Lakes!


      Comment by madmemere | October 19, 2015 | Reply

    • By that comment, I meant MY generation: The Baby Boomers. Those that came before us, gave us the world,(the people in those photographs you hold) and somehow we got the Clintons and the Bushes and the Obamas…all baby boomers. I too have those old photographs, and the lives of most of those people make us look lazy by comparison. 1917…how cool! I have my grandmother’s graduation picture on the wall…back in those days, many women did not even finish high school.

      That brings an idea…it would be so cool to have readers post old family pictures and give their stories….mmmmmm…..


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | October 19, 2015 | Reply

  5. Joyanna -Yes, my dad was, actually, a “smart guy” and pretty much self-educated. He was born (1903) in the little bitty town of North Pomfret, Vt and attended a 1 room school, but only made it through the 3rd grade! He was always in trouble and explained he went in the door, in the morning and out the back window, in the afternoon, because teacher would make him do what we call “detention”. He knew if he didn’t get home in time to do chores, there would be more than “hell to pay” (they lived on a big farm-4 boys and 1 girl-she was the youngest). Teacher finally had enough and wouldn’t take him back. At 14, he ran away and joined the Navy (WWI), he was big for his age, so they believed him! I could go on for a whole page, but I won’t. In spite of being hard-hit by the depression, he and Mom had a pretty successful life. North Pomfret is still “little bitty”; I’ve been through on my way to the family cemetery and all you see is a post office, town hall and a church and a few cars. The only “live persons” I ever saw there, was the post mistress and 1 of her customers. LOL


    Comment by madmemere | October 18, 2015 | Reply

    • Now that’s a great story! Sounds like your dad was smart from a young age…I was thinking about Tom Edison who hated school.

      He joined the Navy at 14?…wow. What’s even better is that you REMEMBER your dad’s story and carry his memories inside you too….and pass them on…and keep them alive, of the Americans that made this country great.

      MY generation, on the other hand…blew it.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | October 19, 2015 | Reply

  6. Yes, they do nothing, which makes you wonder if the WANT the chaos. Several years ago, right in that same area, they drove hundreds of people out of their homes with eminent domain for the expansion of Lambert Field. They then lost the TWA hub. And those runways that were built, now stand unused. But the whole area around the airport, the work keep going on, and on, and on, and now I swear, there HAS to be the biggest bunker under that airport just waiting…for what? China to bring in their big airplanes? (China WAS trying to get the airport for a hub, but the people protested, even though the politicians tried VERY hard to push it.(

    The homes are still standing, like ghost towns. It was a needless move. And that is around the same area.

    The skunks have been busy.

    By the way madmemere…your daddy sounds petty smart. I’ll remember that!


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | October 18, 2015 | Reply

  7. Hey, you can always come here to Africa. We dont have any nuclear waste, but then we dont have much electricity, diesel, jobs….and the policeman can come here too, although he wont have much to do – little crime here. However he WILL have to stand on the road stopping cars – its how the police get their wages, sure aint gonna get it from tax, cos why? There are no jobs here!
    On the up side, we do have lots of clear sunny skies, we have plenty of relaxation time, good fishing…fantastic neighbours!


    Comment by frankiekay | October 17, 2015 | Reply

    • So…you live in paradise? I’m WORKING on that Wal-Mart lottery. Sounds like a great place frankiekay! If ONLY….

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Joyanna Adams | October 18, 2015 | Reply

  8. Joyanna -Although the “nuclear expert” didn’t mention it, one of your area papers put out the “entire” article and published one other fact no one is mentioning- – the EPA has had “control” of this “hazardous site” since 1990 and they have done -0-/nada/nothing about cleaning it up. So, are we supposed to “trust” the EPA, or any of the other alphabet soup agencies? Not only NO, but hell no! I would trust a skunk before I placed any trust in those guy; with a skunk, if you don’t make a sudden move and frighten them, they just go on their way, or if you whistle, softly, they’ll turn around and go back the way they came. My daddy told me that, many years ago and I’ve had several opportunities to try it and it does work exactly the way he said it would.


    Comment by madmemere | October 17, 2015 | Reply

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