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Nobody Makes a Good Guess At Donald Trump’s ‘Abortion’ remarks.

Nobody’s Opinion

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on C-Span Sunday morning…there were two guys: One was your typical Republican think tank guru…a fifty-something man with glasses and that “I inherited my money and I’m second cousin to Jeb Bush look– and a democratic dweebe-looking guy who smiled really big every time the word “Hillary” was forced from his happy face. He said “Hillary” every other sentence so you can imagine that he looked like a Jack-o-lantern in heat.Hillary peasant

He was young, and ecstatic that the Republicans were having such a hard time…the Democrats were going to be united at Hillary’s coronation..and boy, was he glad he was NOT a republican.

Good news! Smile……more teeth. 🙂

Now usually on C-Span you get a variety of callers, but today it was all angry Trump voters.

“If you DARE throw somebody else into the mix at the convention, the Trump voters will LEAVE. That’s it! We’ve had it!” said more than one of the callers.

And then, the all wise, all knowing, government plant with glasses, said this:

I’m paraphrasing:

 Donald Trump cannot win over Hillary, therefore it’s the responsibility—  no it’s the sacred DUTY of the republican party to nominate someone who CAN beat Hillary. If we think there is nobody that can beat Hillary, then we must nominate someone who can.

It’s clear now that they have made their choice. They have already picked someone. They want you to THINK that it will be Paul Ryan, or Jeb Bush, or even John the “My father was a postman” but more than likely it will be Ted Cruz….because Cruz is not what they say he is.confused baby three

You want to know why I think Ted is the Bush’s pick? Because he came out after getting Jeb’s endorsement, and said with the utmost finality, ‘Donald Trump….will not be President.”

Which MEANS, they have explained in great detail just how they plan to get rid of him. Jeb has let him in on the destruction of Donald Trump.

They are already stacking the delegates to beat Trump on the second call, and Ted Cruz is NOT doing that all alone…people are being bribed big time by the money elites..count on it.  Even if Donald wins the votes, it could happen that they could ‘change’ the rules, and Ted Cruz will come back with more delegates.

Once he is nominated, the conservative talk show hosts, all over the country, will abuse, banter, and put the fear of utter Armageddon in the whole nation if they DON’T go out and vote for the man.

Okay fool us once: Bob Dole. Fool us twice: John McCain: Fool us three times: Mitt Romney.

The fools do not care anymore.

It’s the main reason I think that Ted Cruz will get the nomination. The talk show conservative elites have been told to start now to get the public used to him.

Now…I know, you have heard that the “elites” don’t like Cruz either. Then why endorse him? That’s a lie.

Donald really made his first big mistake last week, and it took the sly and slippery Chris Matthews to stump him up. I have wondered about his answer when he said that “Women should be punished” if they got an abortion, because it really was quite stupid of him. Notice, it was AFTER Chris Mathews asked the question: “Should women be punished?”

The honest (Not political) Donald Trump said, yes…well..sure…if it’s the law. But it’s not.

This is what I think: I think in Donald’s lifetime, someone he loved got pregnant and aborted the child, and he was powerless to do a thing about it, because men really have no say in the matter do they? It’s stinks. Donald Trump…was powerless…and Trump, would HATE that.

I think that memory still haunts him, because he is a man who would want that child. God knows he has enough money…but his children ARE his reaffirmation on his life, as sure as his wealth.

A man that puts his name on every building he has ever built, sure enough feels his DNA is worth gold.Donald Trump thumbs

It doesn’t take a psychologist to see that Trump was speaking from a personal experience instead of the politically correct answer that all politicians give.

So, if anything, it proves just how honest the man is.

Trump still thinks and talks like the average American….and I think he will come back..simply because America knows,…it’s time we elected a man of the people…and Cruz is not that man.

Anybody that watches him sees his rehearsed speeches as almost like the guy trying to sell you a fake Rolex.

Besides…it’s still the economy stupid.

I still…have hope.

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