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Let’s have a black/white “Appropriating” war!

Nobody’s Perfect

Black people have decided that white people have no free speech.Justin

They call each other ‘nigger’ and white people cannot utter the word.

Okay. No problem.

But now, white people are not allowed to have “hair” like a black person. They can’t have dreadlocks. The new crime committed by whites against black has a name:

It’s called “appropriating” or “cultural appropriation.”

Last week, the internet was ablaze in response to a viral video showing a white, male, dreadlocks-wearing student at San Francisco State University being mercilessly punished for “appropriating” by a black female student.

During his iHeartRadio Music Awards performance Sunday night, Justin Bieber showed off his new dreadlocks hairdo. The singer quickly became just the latest white person to be blamed for committing “cultural appropriation” — which is a term Social Justice Warriors use when they want to shame white people for following or adopting a trend that wasn’t invented by someone white.


Social Justice Warriors? Who thought of this? The Justice department?

So what’s next? We will not be allowed to play the blues, rap, dance, or wear diamond rings?

This is…stupid. I say…white people all over…let’s fight back!

Condi Rice committing "cultural appropriating" crime

Condi Rice committing “cultural appropriating” crime

Does this woman know she is "appropriating" not only the dress but the MONEY of the white man? Shame

Does this woman know she is “appropriating” not only the dress but the MONEY of the white man? Shame

The King and Queen of white appropriating.  OMG...Pearls. And how about that hair!

The King and Queen of white appropriating.
OMG…Pearls. And how about that hair!

No black person should EVER be allowed to wear…say…pearls. Or dress in a nice suit. OR talk like he is educated, OR wear decent shoes. The fact is, that’s stealing the white man’s culture.

You want you’re to be separate? Okay.

Therefore…I say we make the playing field even. All these black people in these pictures are STEALING the white culture…and it must stop. They should all be fired.

Any black person trying to look like a white person is actually “appropriating” the white culture.

I don’t care for Justin Beaver, but gee…if he thinks wearing dreadlocks is going to make him look sexier to the girls, then leave him alone. He deserves to be alone for awhile.

Nobody Thinks this is a black- left-wing conspiracy to get blacks upset enough to go vote…because as I understand it, taking care of those dreadlocks leaves you very little time for anything else.

I suggest if Hillary wants to get blacks to the polls, she put pictures of Trump in ads with dreadlocks.

Now…HERE are the villains stealing the white culture. (Can this get even more sillier?)

Wal Mart Shopper

More true black culture

Oprah... Wearing white women curls. Shame

Wearing white women curls. Shame

Denzel... "appropriating" the GQ look.

“appropriating” the GQ look.

Will, "appropriating" the white rich man's attire.

Will, “appropriating” the white rich man’s attire.

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