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Nobody FlashesAnn Coulter

My husband has been off this week, and we are doing major house repairing projects that haven’t left me a whole lot of time to blog…

And I really didn’t feel like it after Wisconsin. Doing house repairs was a welcomed relief that gave me an excuse NOT to listen to Ted Cruz crow about his win. That very same day here in Missouri, over 60 voting places did not have any ballots so people couldn’t vote even if they showed up. It was a simple data error they said. The trouble was there were mostly issues about raising taxes. You would have THOUGHT that they would have moved something that important to another Tuesday, but no. They went ahead and counted all the votes, (which in my little city was 21, and that included my husband and I)…and much to nobody’s surprise: Most all of the taxes passed!

They acted as if…it was not a big deal. Some bigwig said he was furious about there being no ballots, but that was it.Ted CRuz liar

That’s another blog for another day, but when a whole city loses thousands of ballots, in every district, and they count the votes ANYWAY…you know you are not living in America anymore.

To say I’m disgusted is an understatement. Anyway…

Ann Coulter just wrote a great piece on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, for me to share, and I couldn’t agree with her more:

From Moonies for Cruz:

Trump is the only presidential candidate in my lifetime who will build a wall, deport illegals and pause the importation of Muslims. He’s the only one who cares more about ordinary Americans than he does about globalist plutocrats. Does anyone really think I’m “tiring” of him because of a retweet?

I was under the misimpression that I was dealing with adults and not swine like Carville and Begala, willing to twist someone’s words to win a momentary political advantage. Mostly, I was under the misimpression that honesty was still a conservative value.

That was just a sample….go to the link and enjoy the brilliant Ann Coulter.


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