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When I first thought of my “Nobody’s Opinion” blog, I thought…in my mind, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a blog where people could write in and express what they think about the world? After all, except for a few moments on a talk show, and C-span, the masses remain…almost purposely silenced.”Alexis de

I imagined people from all over the world…China, Russia, India, England, Australia,  sending in their thoughts and expressing how they feel about THEIR governments…on one site so that everyone would get a first hand knowledge not filtered through the media, but from the people themselves.

Okay. I had big dreams. I’m no Steve Jobs. It’s easy to have a great idea, it’s quite another to make it happen.

BUT..that doesn’t mean that I can’t post an “opinion” of another “nobody” in our country.

(I do not mean anything derogatory about the “nobody” title” )  and so, I’m posting this ‘opinion’ from an email that I got this last week.

It’s pretty good! Oh…the pictures were added by me. Hopefully, “g” doesn’t mind a bit of…dress up.

Enjoy the thoughts of “g”.



RINO/GOPe types seem to think that the Republican Party convention(s?) would turn up something different than what the people want.

It’s pretty clear, that people want Trump, for whatever are their individual reasons.

When that was made clear (Trump, the presumptive nominee), the GOP had one duty: stand up for what the people have chosen.

But no.  The GOPe imagine that this is the occasion to posture, which it is apparent, now, is a political skill they’d prefer to exercise instead of defeating Hillary Clinton.

Would I pick Trump?  Probably not in the context of, there really are some other, Reagan-esque / Clarence Thomas / Anton Scalia / in-other-words stand up people for our Bill of Rights and for our Constitution and for our worthy American Heritage . . .

But, there are no such competing or better candidates; so, the candidate chosen by the people, is Trump.

Yeah, Trump shoots from the hip, when he should stop himself, reflect on some things, and then express more carefully, in my humble opinion. Karl Rove and Rhinos

But, with Trump, you get Trump instead of some humanoid-billboard, behind which you don’t know until after the election.

This is something that the GOPe do not get: That people might have disagreed with a Ronald Reagan, but they will vote for him because they believe that they’re getting more in the man that is in his presentation — in contrast to a Romney, whose corporatese is effectively a container with unknown contents (like ObamaCare) that with every leak, reveals yet-another thing that was a failure waiting to happen.

People who love liberty, have “had it” with so many of such liberal “Republican” (in name only) unknowns.  That’s why Jeb Bush and so many of the GOPe now complaining were overwhelmingly defeated, leaving Trump as the fellow who crossed the finish line.

The GOPe complainingLOST!  And they think that they have ground upon, with which to complain?!

Somehow they’re going to still win by rewriting some rules?!

Worse, they have the indecency to oppose the choices made by the grassroots.

The instincts of the grassroots are correct: The RINO/GOPe cannot be trusted, and largely that is the unfortunate case because the RINO/GOPe are in the news, arguing that they cannot be trusted while the RINO/GOPe big egos imagine that they’re making points in their posturing.

If they re-engineer the GOP convention, to give somebody other than Trump, the candidacy, the GOP loses by sheer numbers of people who will seek some other political party solutions.

Ryan is destroying the GOP, along with McCain (and his sidekick Senator what’s-his-name from South Carolina) et al.

Ryan has no grasp of the problem at the grassroots: That our liberty is threatened.  Something demonstrated by the corruption in the ranks and higher-ups of the San Jose, California police and fire and city hall departments, who stood by as if NAZI’s watching some young, terrorized Jewish boy being chased in Germany, 80 years ago.

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