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Young Black Trump Supporter Triumphs Over Black Lives Matter

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I got this video off infowars email: It’s pretty good. A young black Trump supporter argues with an old BLACK LIVES MATTERS man on the street.

The old guy is convinced that Trump is a racist. Of course, there are no facts to back this up, in fact, the young man points out that just the saying “Black lives matter” is racist and he tells the old guy: “All lives matter.” which is true.

The young man keeps his cool throughout the argument, but the sheer ignorance and anger of the black man shows through. Unfortunately, old black ignorant men aren’t’ the only ones that have been brainwashed by this repeated propaganda: The white lady in the video reminds me of many women I know.

I posted this today, because, I found it hopeful. Eight years ago, you would not have seen this.  If Obama has done anything, he has shown many black people that he was all talk.

But today,  I was listening to a local conservative radio station and the guy kept attacking Trump. Why, HE knew a Muslim man who ran a restaurant, and he was friends with this guy, and he based his whole life’s opinion on Muslims on this restaurant owner, who by the way, had been in the country for over 25 years.

So…you know one nice white man, therefore, ALL white men must be nice.

Do you see the stupidity in that? He didn’t.

Somewhere in the vast Bilderberg building of Dresden, the plan was hatched out to attack Donald Trump with just sheer vicious propaganda…because not only are they running out of time, Trump keeps making complete sense, and as we have seen, they are twisting EVERYTHING he says. And they are doing it on every station.

For instance I listened to this moron on the radio repeat over and over that Trump wants to ban ALL MUSLIMS.

That’s NOT what the man said. He said, to put a halt on the ones coming from terrorist countries.–Which any person knows,would be Syria, Yemen, and probably Saudi Arabia. There are Muslims all over the world, so that’s NOT every country.

The viciousness that Obama and Hillary came out against Trump prove to the informed person that the House of Saud is one of their BIGGEST donors, and Donald Trump would put a big damper in that. Not to mention, he would prosecute Hillary for her crimes….and the Saudi’s would be pretty mad not getting their payback, which IS to bring as many Muslims into the West and get a firm establishment in order to sooner or later, take the countries over.

That’s, as Wild Bill, pointed out, is how they’ve done it for centuries.

Anyway, I’m getting off subject.

The good news is that many more blacks are starting to see the light. The smart ones, the ones who are working and feeling good about themselves…they are increasing and will be less likely to go vote for Hillary.

We must not give up hope.

Today this guy said that over 70 percent of the people hate Trump. “That’s a FACT.” he said.

Right. Donald Trump had more votes in all of GOP history…so…where’d all those people go?

After the attacks on Paris, the cops in France, went into every Mosque, and they found tons of guns, bombs, all kinds of weapons.

Obama has forbidden surveillance on the 2,000 Mosques here in America, and he did it the FIRST day in office.

We have a huge Mosque here in our city, and I have NEVER seen more than two cars in the humongous parking lot.

So…if there are no people going there, the Muslims aren’t using it, then what IS in it?

You tell me…






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