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How DARE You Speaker Ryan!



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I don’t think I’ve been this mad in a long time. Paul Ryan’s rebuke of Donald’s Trump “opinion” about some court case was…let me use Ryan’s words..were .”indefensible.”

What an arrogant, obnoxious, little power-hungry man. Hey Paul! If you want to be “In control” of the party, then run for President!

You traitor.

Since when is a man in this country not entitled to his opinion? SINCE when? Donald speaks his mind and the truth and everybody knows it was not raciest.

But Ryan got on Hillary for her vast felonies and …oh no…he’d NEVER call Hillary a name. Not traitor Paul.

He calls Donald a racist because the established GOP HATE the man.  Every time he comes to the mike he basically says, that Donald must BEND to his will.


How DARE Paul Ryan act as if HE is the voice of the people. Paul Ryan was NOT elected to be President. The people picked Donald Trump to fight the GOP, and men like Paul Ryan.  Men who have stomped on Americans at every chance.

Donald Trump has his own opinions, has EXPRSSED his opinions loud and clear, and those of us that support him know exactly what he means and what he says at every turn.

Listen to this condescending attitude that Ryan has is almost repulsive. It’s as if, when Donald, and IF Donald becomes President, he will have to do everything Ryan says.

Uh…that’s not how it works Paul. I feel sorry for people that don’t see that Donald Trump’s ego does not even come close to this guy’s.

Our courts are PACKED with liberal judges who will unfairly jail people just for their opinion. Look what happed to Dinesh.

We understand Trump perfectly. The Judge wants Mexicans to be here…so he will rule the worse on Donald.

Trump wants to protect America. The judge is part of the new America where we have open borders. Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich. They are ALL…ALL…ALL of them for open borders.

And they can’t stand it that Trump and the American people want the borders closed. baby fist

Paul is up for reelection…It’s time America starts attacking this little piss-ass rhino  who thinks he deserves to be President…he will block Trump’s agenda at EVERY turn .

That’s why they made Boehner drop out. They are hoping the good looks of Ryan, and his speech will better convince the American people that Trump is crazy.

Ryan would certainly impeach Trump as soon as he was able. If he can’t stop him now, he will try to stop him later.

That’s how much money is at stake for them all.


Yes…I’d better stop before I start cussing.




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Obama BRINGS out NATO! Take that Trump!

Nobody Wonders

What in the Sam Hill is Obama doing on the golf course, every single day? What kind of secret ‘war’ is he planning? Ever since Trump made the statement that he thought NATO was outdated, I guess Obama decided to show Donald Trump whose boss. This weekend NATO is have the biggest military exercise probably ever done.

The 10-day military exercise, involving 31,000 troops and thousands of vehicles from 24 countries, has been welcomed among NATO’s allies in the region, though defense experts warn that any mishap could prompt an offensive reaction from Moscow.NATO

So, WHY is Obama deciding to have this huge exercise…which is obviously going to piss Putin off? Where was he when Putin took back the Ukraine? Where was he when he was sending his nuclear submarines off our shores? Or giving Iran uranium , with the help of Bill and Hillary Clinton of course, who basically sold our uranium mines to Russia. (Clinton’s Cash)

And whose PAYING FOR THIS? (Guess.)

And what does this have to do with Hillary and the election? Is this all about showing that Donald Trump is wrong and Hillary will be a great military leader?

Good god.

AND…is it a coincidence that the Bilderberg meeting is warming up? Donald Trump must be driving them all in a panic.Bilderberg

There’s a lot at stake here. The elite group of politicians running the world, all leftist, all in bed with each other, all manipulation markets, and wars, and flooding their own countries with Islamists, I think, are putting their global merging plans into overdrive.

Nobody Wonders…how in the world are they going to get rid of Trump?

Clearly, Hillary has been chosen by the elites of the world to be our next President. They basically GAVE her the nomination before she even announced.  And it’s no wonder. Hillary and her husband Bill have been basically selling off American assets, for the biggest corporations on the planet, and while they were doing it, they pocketed millions.  (more like billions by now.)

Obama has done the same. They are simply global pimps. ( Actually, that’s a nice name.)Bilderberg three

And then, along comes Donald Trump. I haven’t listen to the radio in the last few days, but when I turned it on today…I couldn’t believe it: Donald Trump was the same as Muhammad Ali everyone was saying.

They meant that in a BAD way. As a former entertainer I can tell you that to ‘entertain’ is no small feat. It takes quickness of mind, and practice, and guts. Hillary has none of those traits.

What do they do? Is there some kind of war room, where clever Goebel Mensa’s sit around and think of HOW to manipulate the masses?

Sure there is. I bet they have hundreds of people manipulating the message, which is, stay AWAY from the massive corruption of the Clinton’s (murders, rapes, felonies) and concentrate the discussions on the “racist” Donald Trump.

.And as if he couldn’t get any stupider, the conservative commentator said he would vote for Hillary over Trump.

I turned him off.

Nobody Also wonders about Newt Gingrich. For weeks now, Newt Gingrich was the biggest rah rah rah Trump endorser on cable TV. Everyone was saying ” He should pick Newt as his VP.”

No he shouldn’t.

Well, I guess the elites know who Donald is going to pick for his VP, because Newt has come out and jumped on the “Trump is a racist for saying that the Judge is Hispanic bias.”

Come on. He belongs to La Raza. Newt knows that. Newt’s dishonest. He just smarter than Bill and Hillary. He hasn’t been caught in too many lies. Frankly, my gut tells me that Donald Trump would not be stupid enough to pick Newt as his VP.

Nothing is real right now, and I keep thinking about this machine, who predicted that neither Hillary or Trump will be President.conspricay theroies

It will be Bernie Sanders.

In order for the final communistic takeover, you must have complete socialism first.

So says Karl Marx.

And so, if that happens, who do we blame? Do we blame the greatest generation for not teaching their children what slavery means?

Was the brave silence of the greatest generation actually what caused Marxists/hippie/communists like Bill and Hilary Clinton to take over America? I know my parents never even talked about communist. Or the war. or what they sacrificed.

Or do we blame ourselves?

You tell me. I just wonder.



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