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Not Your Usual— Muhammed Ali was a God— Column

Ali and the BeatlesNobody Knows

I’m not sure how to feel about Muhammad Ali dying, because you see, I was NOT a boxing fan growing up.  In fact, the first time I ever heard of the man was only because he got his picture-taking with the Beatles.

All I knew was that he was funny, and a good boxer. And his name was Cassius Clay.

I didn’t watch any of the famous fights. But…Ali was ALWAYS on the news. He was a master promoter of himself, and an entertainer to boot. Later on, with Howard Cosell, they became sort of the Abbot and Costello of the sports world.

But, I’m a baby boomer. And I remember how angry all of America was when Cassias Clay, who was worshipped by most American men, decided to change his name to Muhammad, and join the nation of Islam so that he could get out of the Vietnam War.

At the time, most of us had friends who were drafted, and never came home, or if they did, they come home really messed up.

The thought at the time was: WHAT A COWARD. I mean, Elvis went in for God’s Sake. How can you call yourself the heavyweight champion of the world, but refuse to go and fight?

Well, he didn’t believe in killing people, he said.Muhammed Ali

To most Americans, he was just another rich man who didn’t have to play by the rules of the rest of us. IF he had just come out and said that he was against the war, and NOT have become a Muslim, we might have respected it.

But…it was almost as if he was trying to find an excuse, and Islam was right there. And he got the blacks to love him for it.

Maybe he made up for it in the later years of his life.  I don’t know. After that moment, I just didn’t give him any more thought. He was a great fighter, and obviously a very smart man. He certainly lived his life to the fullest.

And he was AMERICA’s champion! And then, no.  He was not. He gave himself to Mecca. America was just the country who helped him achieve his dreams.

But, here’s the problem. The democrats are going to use his death and milk it for all it’s worth. Already I’m hearing how the United States basically did him a GREAT injustice by going after him after he refused to go to war.

Sorry. It was the law, but like most famous and powerful people. Ali didn’t want to play by the law, and so, he didn’t have to.

He was above it. And now, they will use the great “fighter” image to show to all the blacks in America, and they will build him up to be the “peaceful” Muslim, and man of the world, beloved by all, yada, yada, yada.  They will use him to promote allowing the ‘peaceful’ Muslims into the Western Countries…but if they ‘fight’ the white man, then Ali would be proud!

What a message.

I don’t think it’s going to work…but the propaganda has already started.Muhammed Ali 2

They think that we all have forgotten his treason.

Sorry. Many in America stopped honoring him when he slapped America in the face. Even if he was right about the war…to use Islam as his excuse, and getting away with it, was too much to forget for many of us.

The men who died over there, unlike Ali, had no choice. And THEY were the true great Americans.

Not Ali. He lost that title when he refused to serve. The truth is: Ali didn’t want to risk his life, OR his future earnings.

Later in life, the anger went away as we watch him suffer for MS., but still…to see all this glorification make me want to go on a long camping trip.

Sorry. I’m just not much for making God’s out of men, no matter what they did in life, when the real heroes are the ones who gave their lives for a higher purpose…their country, and freedom.

And there is no freedom in Islam….except when Cassias Clay used it to give himself the freedom of putting himself above other men.

By the way, do you think Ali will get his 72 virgins if he tells Allah he’s the greatest?

We’ll never know.




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