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The Surest Things CAN Change

Nobody Flashes…

Gino Vannelli’s original rendition of The Surest Things Can Change.

I was always fascinated by that title, but watch…and recognize the girl in the video…

Is that…Wonder Woman?


Before she became famous.


By the way, he’s modernize this song, with more of a Latin feel, but it doesn’t even compare to the sound that he had before. I saw him perform this very song, in a little nightclub that only had about 20 people at the most that night in St. Louis at the Chase Park Plaza.

And I also remember him coming over to me and putting his arms around me after his last set, in that oh so Italian way…hey, I was probably the only girl there that night.

LOL! That’s all that happened, sorry, were you expecting a “Hey, did you?”

No, I made up some lame excuse, shy person that I am, and went home…but boy, do I remember the song of that beautiful voice and the Moog base synthesizer. (Listen…you can hear it here.)

The sound of his voice and his band that night was nothing sort of was he….

(WAIT! Woman you did NOT refuse that did you? Slap yourself.)

(Ha ha)

I still find this song…amazing. And sadly, the title can be applied to almost anything.




September 8, 2017 - Posted by | music |

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  1. The surest things change all too often and without reference to me at all ! But by golly they impact me.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 9, 2017 | Reply

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