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Governor Jerry Brown….King of Destruction

Nobody Flashes

I can’t think of any death more painful than one by fire. 

For once in his long liberal life, Governor Jerry Brown looked guilty as he walked with the President through the ash heap of Paradise, California, where the worst fire in American history took so far: Over 71 lives. About a thousand people are still missing.

I can’t get in touch with a friend of mine who lives in the area with his wife and little girl. They could be dead for all I know, for he is ALWAYS on the internet, and so far, silence.

Unlike President Obama walking through the damaged towns of New Jersey, or President Bush who made his famous speech on ground Zero, President Trump looked mad as hell at the devastation caused by liberals whose climate change/good feel/hippie Earth mother Gaia/ is more important than people’s lives.

To me it’s proof of just how INSANE the liberals are. Fining people in California for even watering their lawns also added to this horrible nightmare. 

And they STILL want to let millions of poor immigrants into California when fire after fire has been destroying the whole state?

Who do you think is going to pay for all this?

Why, the rest of us of course.

In the meantime, sadness and prayers all around for all the people who lost everything they had, and some, even more.

This NEVER used to happen in the United States.

Liberals get all upset about gun violence, but fires that destroy thousands of lives and homes?

Uh…not so much.

And yet, they just keep voting democratic.

They’d rather sign their own death warrant.

Go figure.

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  1. Joyanna, Thank you, once again, for caring like some of us do, and for saying it like it is!!! I would say for “Calling a spade a spade,” but that would instantly be wrongly interpreted as a “racial slur” in this P.C. climate currently in the U.S. which censors and is forcing ourselves to censor our own speech! The Bush’s, Clintons, Obama, they all have the same agenda. Notice the rhetoric: George H.W. Bush makes “New World Order” a household term b using it in 75% of his speeches-but if you say it exists, you’re a conspiracy nut! Hillary: “We’re With Her,” which is just like a personality cult. Obama: “Yes We Can,” and “Hope,” two ambiguous terms. TRUMP: “Make America Great Again,” it once was. =TRUMP is the only man is decades to honestly want to build the U.S.A. up again to its former state of glory and leadership! The U.S. has been under attack covertly from within since Eisenhower and Kennedy, and actually since Woodrow Wilson began to “sell out his own country” in 1913!
    Jerry Brown-sadly it isn’t just “California Uberalles” anymore, it is country wide brainwashed indoctrination!


    Comment by Anonymous | November 18, 2018 | Reply

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