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Bill Maher: Still Potty Training

Nobody’s Opinion

Confession: I never watch Bill Maher.

But, since we are getting free HBO for a week, I woke up on Sunday morning to this moron, who was talking about how there are too many people on the planet and was VERY excited about the recent report that young people are not having much sex.

Confession: The whole time I was watching this poor excuse for a human being, I kept thinking: Gee Bill, if you think there are too many people on the planet, please…do us all a favor and remove yourself from the planet. After all, YOUR carbon footprint probably takes up as much as the city of Nashville on a Saturday night, and that’s on a Monday. 

Confession: While I believe it is a crime now for people to encourage other people to committee suicide due to the fact they might, I’m PRETTY sure Bill Maher would never even contemplate that thought since he is one of the most nauseating, narcissistic, condescending, and boring idiots on Cable TV. Look at his face. Every time he speaks it as if he just dumped a big one. (Sorry, I usually never get gross and hate it when people do, but that’s honestly what I see on that man’s face: Pure shit.) Watch him…watch that face every time he spits out a line.

I can just hear mother toilet training him: “Oh your SUCH a good boy Billy!”

Confession: Why isn’t it a crime to tell the mostly young white millennial who watch his program, that they should NOT reproduce because he wants the ‘colored’ immigrants from all over the world to take it over…you know, the ones who have six or seven kids a piece?

He need not worry. White people have not been having kids since the 1960s. They launched the woman’s revolution, got them in the work force, destroyed marriage, and the women all got abortions.

Nevertheless, it’s such a Hitler like thing to do. Bill wants to pick and choose who gets to live and die, and I’m sure he’s said that on many of his shows. I don’t even have to watch him to know that.

Notice he leaves out any talk about how the people who are having all those babies— the Muslims with their four wives, the Hispanics, the Indians…Not to mention the blacks, its okay for them to have kids, not the white people. By the looks of the caravans heading our way, that’s all the people do in South America is have sex. Why isn’t he talking to them?

Here in St. Louis, when the blacks have a family picnic, they rent out a whole park because the families are so big, they can’t have it at their homes. The whites can gather everyone in the family at the local Outback. THIS has been going on for years and years and years.

Nope. This is a message going to all the white guys. NWO message: We do NOT want any more white people on this planet. 

(They don’t have kids now. They can’t afford them.)

Confession: Even if Bill won’t take his own advice and get himself off the planet to save it, at least he didn’t reproduce.

And for that, THIS Nobody thanks him.

One Bill Maher is one too many.

By the way, I don’t think he even writes this propaganda, he just reads it, and smirks at his own brilliance.

Bill Maher…thinks he’s very clever.

What he really is, is just a very ugly annoying…$%& who can read.

Although, ending on a good note: He had Dave Berry on, who did NOT give in to bashing the President.

He just said a lot of real funny prostate jokes, which is probably how anyone would feel sitting next to the guy.

Dave thinks of prostate jokes. I think of potty training jokes.

Dave and I would get along fabulously.

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