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Nobody Cares About the Mueller Report

Nobody Cares

While all the liberals and their criminal cohorts scattered throughout our dysfunctional government were waiting with breathless anticipation for the sweet goods to impeach Trump to come forth today, the truth is: It didn’t happen, and the American people are sick to death of hearing about it.

It’s about as exciting as opening a bottle of ketchup.

Filing your fingernails.

Paying your weekly bills.

Watching your dog dig a hole.

Seeing Pelosi chew on her dentures;

For God’s sake, get over yourselves all you movie star, cable news network cronies.

Have you ANY idea whatsoever how stupid you all sound?

The President turned over a million documents— And no mention whatsoever of Hillary destroying all emails, computer, cell phones? Not to mention selling our uranium to Russia and making herself a nice bundle of money off of it.

Nobody DARES utter her name but Julian Assange who called her rightfully: a sociopath.

What? Do you really think that if you say the President is guilty of more than Hillary, everyone will just accept it?

Every station had shock and awe;

 Oh! Oh! What will happen! Ten new points! Trump said he was fucked!

Clearly Mueller needs to be questioned, how could he do this?

This is the biggest story ever! We MUST impeach, something is in here to impeach him on, OMG!

In the words of Shakespeare, it’s “Much Ado about Nothing.”

The fun part today, was the look on Rosenstein’s face while he was standing behind Attorney General Barr. He’s about as guilty as Mueller. And they know it. And they know Barr knows it.

They are stepping aside to get out-of-the-way of the real prosecutions. Because clearly they know that Barr has to do something to what has happened. This overwhelming historical American coup, is a first in American history.

Barr has a fine line he has to walk— a tight rope. Enough persecutions to satisfy that our institutions are straightened out, and yet, not real punishment of any kind.

Nobody thinks Barr has been sent to ‘save’ our institutions, not necessarily to save Trump, although he has to in the process.

Some little pion liberal fish might get a slap on the hand, but the BIG FISH? Obama and Hillary Clinton? The biggest criminals behind the whole thing?

They hold something NOBODY wants to challenge, and maybe it’s a good thing WE the plebeians don’t know what that is; But if Hillary really IS a sociopath as Assange portends, perhaps it better just to ignore her.

If anyone is capable of raining down sheer horror, it’s Hillary Clinton. And as usual, it won’t be any of the elites who will suffer.

It will be us. Let’s just hope we get out of this, unscathed. There is a reason the Clintons are left alone, and I’m not sure I want to know why, do you?

I would like to live another day to watch my fingernails grow.

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