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Nobody Reports: One of the BEST Speeches Ever Given on the Senate Floor: Sen. Josh Hawley

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How LUCKY It was that I happened to stumble on Josh Hawley’s ‘maiden’ first speech this morning on C-Span.

I wasn’t too sure about Josh…wasn’t sure if he was a RINO like Roy Blunt, who has hidden his RINO tendency well…until this last year.

I thought, next to a Reagan or a Trump speech, that this was one of the greatest speeches ever given in the Senate.

Really. How many GOP members have you heard speak out about the corpocracy that we now live under? They are all so indebted to the big elite state, no one dares call them out for the damage they are inflicting on middle America.

While the democrats make it their talking point, Josh puts it in true perspective.

For me, this was a first. I felt like he was reading my mind.

And I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud that Josh is from Missouri.

Truman would be proud.

I hope the President is made aware of this fine young man, because if the rest of America hears this voice, then add another big point in the “Make America Great Again” score card.

If you have the time to listen to this speech…don’t miss it.

Really. This young man has a great future, and like I said…I WOULD have missed it.

I’m glad I didn’t…don’t you.

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