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Nobody Remembers That Truman and Trump Had Some Things in Common

Nobody Remembers

President Trump, just told the press yesterday, “You know who got me elected? I did!”

This was after a reporter said that it was Russia that helped him out, but Trump is right. Hillary made very few stops anywhere throughout the campaign  because she couldn’t draw a crowd. Trump was doing campaign rallies all over the United States the last few days, while Hillary sat somewhere getting her hair done.

He simply beat her fair and square.

Trump had this in common with another politician in American history who was told he was going to lose the election. Let’s remember, shall we?

Harry S. Truman, was told at the time he ran for President, that he didn’t have a chance.

Here’s a first hand account of Truman’s actions from the book Harry S. Truman, written by his daughter Margaret Truman:

After many defeats Harry’s career as a politician looked very dim:

“In the fall of 1948 Harry S. Truman was conducting a campaign for the presidency, which most of the nation’s political experts considered a waste of time. The Republican nominee, Thomas E. Dewey, seemed to be so far ahead that one of the nations’ leading pollsters, Elmo Roper, announced in September that further polling was a waste of time and money.

Someone even intimated that there was no chance of winning, and the best they could do was go down fighting. Dad instantly disagreed with this attitude. “We ARE going to win,” he said. “I expect to travel all over the country and talk at every whistle-stop. We are going to be on the road most of the time from Labor Day to the end of the campaign. It’s going to be tough on everybody, but that’s the way its got to be. I know I can take it. I’m only afraid that I’ll kill some of my staff—and I like you all very much and I don’t want to do that.”

He also said:

“I don’t believe the USA wants any more fakers—Teddy and Franklin are enough. So, I’m going to make a common sense intellectually honest campaign. It will be a novelty –and it will win.”

And Truman— like Trump, had the press against him also:

“Newsweek polled fifty veteran political writers around the country. Huge black type announced the results: FIFTY POLITICAL EXPERTS UNANIMOUSLY PREDICT A DEWEY VICTORY.”

Newsweek hasn’t changed: They also predicted Hillary in 2016.

Truman won, and so did Trump, showing that people LOVE honesty.

When Truman ran for Senate in Missouri it was the hottest July in Missouri history. A whole month of 100-degree weather, didn’t stop him.

“But Dad operated at his usual killing pace. He drove though sixty of the state’s largest counties, making from six to sixteen speeches a day. Not even a collision that left him with two broken ribs and a badly bruised forehead slowed him down.” 

Another trait that Trump had with Truman was this:

“The moment my father found a man drawing pay without performing his job, he fired him.”

And one more, if I may add:

“There are some sins Dad considers unforgivable and one of them is a refusal to close ranks after a primary fight and support the party ticket.”

(Yes, this happened to Truman too.)

Can you say Romney? McCain? Bush? Ryan?

Sadly, these lessons from history are being erased from our libraries.

I have noticed that Truman is NEVER mentioned by any democrat that I can think of. He has been erased from their hero book, and for good reason. He was honest. And didn’t worship FDR, or any politician, and he worked hard. He went back to his home town of Independence and led a simple life.

Truman has been banned from the democratic history books forever, and they say it was for dropping the bomb.

This Nobody Thinks, it was because, Truman truly loved, his country, and was Nobody’s Fool.

And for that, he, like Trump, will forever be ostracized.

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