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Nancy, Watch Those Hands!

Nobody Wins’

You can’t make up this absurdity. Nancy (wave your hands around while you are trying to REMEMBER how to speak) accuses the President of covering up his “crimes.” It’s obstruction she says, and that’s impeachable.

And she says this before she goes into a meeting with the President to work on infrastructure. President Trump sees all the harassment of Congress wanting to impeach him, LOOKING for a crime to impeach him, and YET, expecting him to give them trillions of dollars to do their green deals. All this after two years straight of harassment.

Of course, he leaves.

And then Nancy comes out and says Trump threw a ‘temper tantrum’.

They might as well have said, “Well, we just want to kill you, but before we do that, will you sign us over 2 trillion dollars?”

The “We don’t know WHY he acted this way.” is almost beyond incredible.

And yet, it’s what Nancy and Chuck do every day.

Distract, distort, lie, and attack.

Nobody Wins when a country is being conned by smooth criminals.

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