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Nobody’s Perfect: Dick Morris

Nobody’s Perfect

While I usually agree with Dick Morris when it comes to the Clintons, sometimes, he gets it wrong. Here’s one of those moments.

Here Dick thinks that Bloomberg is setting up to run as an Independent and could very well win.

I disagree: I think the real reason he is running is simply to protect the status quo of the very rich one percenters. He MUST know he cannot beat Trump in an election. And Dick saying that enough people hate Trump that he will be chosen as the less of two evils is not logical.

1st: The middle class doesn’t want to lose the wins they’ve gotten in their 401Ks. The rich do not want to lose it either.

2nd: Bloomberg will take away the guns, like he did the soda. There are not many Trump haters that would want to give up their guns.

3rd: He is a big climate changer, and will tax everyone every though he himself has enough money *52 billion, to not even pay climate change taxes. Won’t hurt him one bit. It would be easy for Trump to point this out.

4th: He loves China. Trump can destroy him on that account.

5th: He is all big banks, Wall Street, not many normal people will trust that.

and most important of all….

6th: Like Hillary, he has no charisma whatsoever. None.

I think Dick here makes a big mistake by looking more at the fake polls than reality.

The reality is: President Trump would win. He very well could run as an independent, but NOT if Hillary jumps in.

Morris, has suggested that she will, but here, he makes no mention of it. Nobody Wonders why.


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  1. HI Mrs O!

    Thanks to both of your sons for serving our country, and to your son in law. My husband was on Seal Team 4 and 6, so he is a proud veteran also. Glad you had a special day.

    What in world would we do without such men? Without such families who take care of those men?

    God only knows. You must be so proud.

    As for the video, I went to Youtube,—Typed in: Dick Morris, What is Bloomberg Up To?— and you should get it. Maybe you are being censored. I have noticed even here in MO…sometimes I might spend a good 30 minutes searching for a specific thing and NEVER find it anywhere.

    I do believe they are censoring many topics.

    You can subscribe to his video by email. Google Dick Morris and hopefully you will find a link. I get all his video’s in my email box. His history videos’ are really good.

    It’s free.

    All the Best!


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 12, 2019 | Reply

  2. Hey Joyanna,
    How are you today? Did you have a nice Veteran’s Day? Two of our sons are Air Force Reservists, and our son in law is a Marine, so Veteran’s Day is sort of a big deal for us around here. 🙂 Anyway, I
    clicked on the video but there are only 21 seconds of it. I tried going to YT to watch it, but it’s the same thing there; and there is no “link in the description box below” as he said. Maybe I’m missing something (didn’t get any sleep last night due to insomnia), but I did want to watch it since you talked about it. :-/
    Blessings, Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | November 12, 2019 | Reply

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