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Hey Mary Trump: Nobody Cares About Your Book

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Gee…right before the election they found a disgruntled and spoiled rich elite polemical polecat of a distant relative to come out and tell the world that her ‘relative’ by marriage, Donald Trump, is not fit to be President.  She was once married to Donald’s brother who was an alcoholic.

As if she is. Her name is Mary Trump.

Evidently, she is a psychiatrist.  A Hillary Lover. A typical rich college elite who studied literature in college, and that makes her an expert on running the world.

She voted for Hillary in 2016, and by the looks of her, she is a typical liberal/moron. Mary is STILL pissed off that she didn’t get more of the old man’s  estate.

So, Mary is getting her ‘revenge’ now, by writing her book on how ‘dangerous’ Donald Trump is.

For instance: She said once the young Donald Trump took some of his brother’s trucks and hide them in the attic.

Wow. Wow. What a psychiatrist! That boy grew up to be the most dangerous man in the world.

He was emotionally abused: She writes

Too Much and Never Enough deals extensively with the emotional abuse of a household topped by an absent father and an ill, neglected mother. Mary Trump contends that Fred Trump Sr’s many failings – ultimately, his being a “high-functioning sociopath” – weighed heavily on all his children, including her father Fred Trump Jr, who died from illness arising from alcoholism in 1981.

“Having been abandoned by his mother for at least a year,” she writes, “and having his father fail not only to meet his needs but to make him feel safe or loved, valued or mirrored, Donald suffered deprivations that would scar him for life [and acquired] personality traits [including] displays of narcissism, bullying, [and] grandiosity”.

Tell me, does President Trump look ‘scared’ to you?

Me neither.

We all suffer many bad memories from childhood. But not all bad memoires cripple children. Case in point: Thomas Edison’s father once embarrassed him in front of the whole town. Horribly berating him. He was just 11. That didn’t stop him from inventing the light bulb, the photograph, movie pictures, etc.etc….if anything it gave him more drive to prove his father was wrong.

I’d say that describes more Hillary than Trump. She grew up with four older brothers and a father who was…dare I say it…a REPUBLICAN!

HILLARY  grew up to be a narcissistic (Never believed she actually LOST the election), bullying ( just ask any secret service man who served under her) and full of herself and her place in history.

And let’s not forget the over 100 dead bodies that mysteriously follow anyone who ever crossed that woman.

There is a reason NO one will touch her.


Mary Trump also says that in 1977, when she was 12, her Christmas present from Donald and Ivana was a $12 pack of underwear. Her brother got a leather-bound journal, two years out of date. 

(Well, Mary. Clearly Trump didn’t think much of you then. What did you expect? A diamond bracelet?)

So what did she doj? Mary got ahold of Trump’s tax information and handed it over to the press.

“The three reporters were waiting for me,” she writes. “When I showed them the boxes there were hugs all round. It was the happiest I’d felt in months.”

We ALL know that rich people use the best tax loops in the world. The difference is Trump actually PAYS taxes, and doesn’t hide his money in off shore accounts.

Most families have bitter and jealous siblings and cousins. It’s as old as Shakespeare. I’m sure the Clintons are dear friends with Mary.

The real reason Mary hates Donald is probably because: He was the favorite child.

How could he not help but be?

I think Mary should look into her own childhood and figure out why she grew up to be a bitter and immature woman with half a brain.

Mary is just another story of jealousy and hate among the many that surround our President

So guess what Mary?

NOBODY CARES about you, or your silly book.

We KNOW the man you hate, and we want 4 more years of him. Sorry. You might have to deal with it.

President Trump is only dangerous to people like you. To us, he is a God send.


Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!



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