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“BUT IT’S NOT FAIR!” I sort of yelled into my cell phone. Oh, the good old days when the phone was so big you could almost feel the person on the other end grimace, and cower, and probably grab a mouthful of Oreo. My little cell phone did not due my anger justice.

I was saying this to my electric company lady. For MONTHS my electric company has been trying to get into my back yard to put in their NEW ‘smart’ meter. Oh, it’s so wonderful, you will be able to know everything about what time you should do your laundry, and how you are leaving too many lights on, and they won’t have to send out a man to read your meter anymore. Don’t want one? Why not?

As if, you are a child and they will help you with preserving the planet.

“Hey, I’m alone here most of the time. In ONE room. My electric bill has gone down every single month.” I spoke.

Here in my neighborhood, we have no choice. There is only ONE electric company and they are going full ‘woke.’ with windmills, and solar panels. Never mind that we very little sun in the winter here. So, everyone must get those new “smart” meters, because the old meters will be…obsolete, and if you refuse you pay a $100 fine and an extra $40.00 a month. And they can read my meter now without a man coming to see it, so I don’t get it.

So, I sent them a letter by registered mail. “I do not want the meter.” The radiation from it is harmful, and I don’t want it because THEY will be able to get into your house, spy, AND control how much you use.

They won’t do that just yet though. One day you’ll wake up and go: Gee, who turned up the air? How come my basement lights won’t come on?

Not to mention, I am convinced these smart meters are being mandated in order to get everyone ready for the electric cars. They will KNOW if you use too much electric on your car and trust me, they will be able to control your usage. Think you are going for a ride today?


So, why did I think it was unfair? Because last night, I heard on the radio that if you ‘rented’ you could get your utilities paid for.

“Is that true?” I asked the company lady.

“Well, yes.” she said quietly.

“That’s unfair. People who own homes, and are on Social Security, will now be paying for all those illegals and minorities who just rent, and we won’t be able to afford our homes anymore…that’s redistribution. In fact, it’s almost as if you want us old people to SELL our houses to BLACKROCK and pay rent so that we don’t own our own house anymore, just to get our electric for free!”

“That’s fraud. That’s SO UNFAIR!”

But, that’s the new Climate Change energy plan. That’s Klaus’ Build Back Better plan. Not to mention, it will speed up the drug money to be made from all the people it will be making sick.


And wasn’t it funny that NOBODY mentioned the many electric car commercials during the Superbowl? None of the political pundits I listen to even said a word.

But President Biden noticed. He loved it.

And so did Tesla, (Musk) who by the way, paid NO taxes last year on the $9 billion he made.

Nobody Wonders, but I think I know, just why the government gave him all those subsidies, and tax breaks. Yes, he’s got the Chinese market and will be coming here soon.

As soon as they can get these smart meters up on every home.

In the meantime, prepare yourself for your electric shock.

It’s going to be a big one.

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