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What? Is Biden a Racist? Ukraine Gets Billions, Jackson, Mississippi…how much?

Nobody’s Opinion

Since I just went through the “can’t use the toilet” episode in my own house, due to a sewer backup that MSD our waste management here in North St. Louis County said was NOT their fault (good to know) I can really sympathize with the people in Jackson Mississippi. Jackson is 80% black.

Yes, like me, they live in a democratically run city. It seems, due to the floods, the whole water mains have broken down, probably built with the same cast iron pipes of old, and SHOULD be replaced…what is this, Haiti?

Why do we sent trillions of dollars all over the world and can’t even send it to our own citizens?

That’s really the question, isn’t it? What, no money?

 I have watched ALL the main employers here in St. Louis, (Mostly car manufacturers and other such huge international businesses) close and move overseas, and yet, the democratic mayors kept giving themselves huge salaries, even though the major tax players moved to China or Mexico.

Not to mention, the big wages of the teacher’s unions, who NEVER suffer.

Nobody wonders if the blacks of Jackson even think about the fact that: Joe Biden sends BILLIONS to Ukraine. Over 54 billion has been sent to Ukraine since Russia went in, and Biden sends billions more every week.

Have you heard Joe say ANYTHING about the poor people in Jackson, Mississippi?

The question I would be asking if I were black would be: Does Biden care more about the ‘white’ people of Ukraine then the black people of Mississippi? I bet it wouldn’t even cost a billion to dig up those old pipes and build a brand-new water system. But…somehow climate change will be blamed, and the people there will be left to suffer.

At least they’re not drinking ‘lead.’  

No, it’s more important to send weapons to Ukraine, so that our politicians can make a lot of money off those weapons.

That is the truth. Many think that Ukraine is just a big money laundering scheme for the corruption that went on before: With Biden, Hillary, Kerry…Obama….and they are just sending the money through another country, so everyone can take a cut.

Here’s some of what was sent…

  • Ammo for HIMARS (high mobility artillery rocket system)
  • 75,000 rounds of ammo (155mm)
  • 20,000 rounds of 120 mm ammo and 20 120 mortar systems
  • NASAMS Munitions (National Advanced Surface-to-Air-Missile Systems)
  • 1,000 Javelins
  • 50 vehicles armored and with medical treatment
  • C-4 explosives and more

I’m beginning to think the goal is to destroy America, bankrupt it with as many wars as possible, and just protect all involved, while they sit back and laugh on their private jets.

We are witnessing controlled demolition…are we not?

What city is going to collapse next?

Anybody want to guess?

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