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I’ve been watching some of the happenings in England, and just how FAST Charles went to Ireland, and Scotland, to get them all to swear allegiance even before poor mum was put in tomb. I mean really. He did NOT waste a second.

They are riding the dead Queen all over to make sure that her coffin, (which she picked out herself of course) is shown to all the people, and the one thing that makes me wonder…is it me? This is all about KEEPING the show up that only that family can rule forever more. The monarchy. (sigh)

And…Charles seem just too giddy about becoming King. Everyone keeps saying “He suffering so.”

Hardly. Oh, wait, he almost shed a tear, I think.

I kept listening to all his speeches and he kept repeating they must “OBEY” him. Everybody. Its in the legal documents. All of them. Hip, Hip, Hurray! And you Englishmen wonder why Americans don’t like to be forced to “OBEY.” King George had the same mentality.

So, Nobody Wonders, if the King has no powers, and NEVER has to pay taxes on his vast $430 million, WHY does anybody have to ‘obey’ him? Is this just an old custom that means nothing? And if the Queen was so powerless, why did she have daily briefs from the Parliament? Why did she write to great lengths her opinon on everything? Powerless? yeah. right.

It seems to this nobody this great spectacular nonstop display of “WE ARE THE ROYALS,” decendents of Vlad, (Even Charles proudly admits that.) is a family trying to hold on to its place as rulers of the world. They put on quite a show.

And this Nobody Wonders how the people of England really feel about King Charles.

After all, the whole WORLD mourned Diana’s death because, it seemed to most of us she was there to give the monarchy heirs, and then was…as she put it herself, killed in a car crash.

Charles was in love with his…uh…Camilla. King Henry VIII got rid of his wives with beheading…surely it’s a King’s right to marry the one he loves. Right? At least he didn’t behead Diana. Oh, how poor Charles. He had to change with the times.

Charles is now king, so lets’ have a good laugh, shall we? While we can. Because we have our OWN idiotic King to contend with, who is also, woe to us, VERY senile. England will just have to suffer with the rest of us.

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