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Ye West…Channels His Inner…What?

Nobody’s Opinion

Kanye West, now Ye West since he is full blown Christian, is always the quintessential white elephant in the room. Like a phoenix rising out of a ‘no talent’ ashes, he NEEDS attention. He NEEDS to cause controversy, and he, needs the money. Why else would he be such a nuisance to us all?

These movie stars/singers are starting to become so predictable. When your movies are bombing, and you are getting older, and your face is no longer filling up the tabloids, you have to do something about it.

Private jets…keeping your pool heated, paying the hundreds of people counting on you, you can’t just go and ‘retire.’ Besides, most of us can’t even imagine how ADDICTING world wide attention is.

Madonna was the master at keeping herself in the tabloids. Plastic surgery, adopting black kids, threatening to blow up the white house, putting her naked self up on Tik Toc…can she still sing? She NEVER lets us forget her. Getting out on stage?..she’s just too old. But every year she does something “shocking.” If you see her now, she, like Michael Jackson, has had so much surgery she doesn’t even look like the same person.

But now, the BIG talk on the news is that Kanye says he admired Hitler. He came out and made a BIG deal about supporting Trump, and then like the typical prisoner wanting out of jail, went on tour to promote Jesus, changed his name, and then went on Alex Jones with a mask over his face.

THAT was a typical Madonna move.

I watched the first hour. He just seemed like he wanted to express how RIGHT he was about life, religion, whatever…and I almost felt sorry for him. Clearly, his comment was taken to a level that even Alex Jones should have seen. Did Alex say, “Hey, I can’t agree with you, Hitler may have given us highways, but he murdered millions.” But Jones did not…at least not outright, or right away.

Free speech is being attacked. Years ago, people would have thought, OKAY..he’s pretty stupid. BUT…there are a lot a good points made in the interview…like the Jews DO control much of the world That’s a fact.

This was AFTER he went to see Trump with some guy who the media says is a Jew hater. So, all this is such nonsense.

REALLY: It’s just another Saturday night..and we SHOULD be talking about how the elites are killing off the planet, not this.

And that’s why they are making a BIG Deal about it. Trying to hurt Trump. Distract us all from what they are doing.

Is he really mentally ill? Or…are all these movie stars paid BIG BIG bucks to stage what I like to call the false flags of whoring the public.

I was first apalled by him the night he got up and said Beyonce should have won the Music award and ran up and ruined her speech. Watch that video…Oh…Beyonce was crying!(Yeah right) And Pink told him off? You can bet there was a lot of camera’s around. What I’m trying to point out is that I think most of all this crap is scripted to make SURE conservatives are confused, and defeated.

If you notice, ALL of them have HUGE egos. Watch Taylor Swift promote herself as the ‘victim’ while she shows off her latest album in the background.

This is about money. And control. And Nobody Wonders just how many of them are controlled and told what to do, as Joe Biden is, so that they can live their wonderfully rich lifestyle.

Very few of them stay on top forever. And Ye is finding that out.

And let me admit up front: I’ve never even listened to a Kanye record. Which goes to show, you don’t even have to be good at anything if the elite decide they can use you for the higher purpose of promoting racism, sexism, TRUMP IS HORROR isms…whatever. America is the unfair republic and only democracy can win.

And while we all have our eyes on the latest shocking thing some movie star has done, it takes are eyes off how our own lives are being screwed to the hilt.

Kanye? Likes Hitler?

Nobody Cares. He thinks he is being wise…saying something new…And they are using him, and destroying him in the process.

Elon wanted to punch him? Yeah. Free Speech. Right Elon? Free speech.

Sounds like something DeSantis would say.

It’s all such a game, isn’t it?

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