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Twins in a Basket of Dichotomies: Elon & Trump

Nobody’s Opinion

Here’s two men with two dichotomies that has me baffled. Both Elon Musk and Trump, on the news every day, have the “Wait, what? How can you believe that and do the other?”  Both of them have that, what seem to be, contradictory sides to their opinions. The Jekyll and Hide characters.

For instance…

Let’s take President Trump first. One moment after another the media, is finally attacking him on an issue which truly is hurting him. Trump promoted the vaccine and still does. Now, I have always held the opinion, that President Trump, went by the rules…the CDC rules, and it was Fauci that suggested the lockdowns. Trump, either didn’t get another opinion, or was just doing what was “legal” as President. He probably figured, like all the rest of us, this could kill millions, and did what he does best: find a solution. And he did at the time. Honest men have trouble even imagining true evil, and I do believe Trump is an honest man.

But then Fauci (and Pence) took complete control.

Time showed after a year, it was a trap. NOW, they are SAYING that TRUMP was responsible for the lockdowns, and listening to Fauci, and pretty much destroying the country. In a way, they have a point. But then again Trump didn’t release the virus in the first place, China did.  Fauci the CDC head was given complete control. And Trump listened to his advisers…which was Fauci. DeSantis, everyone has pointed out, that DeSantis did everything right when it came to the virus. But remember, he didn’t really know either how deadly it could be and did the sensible thing and took care of the old first. Should Trump had done that? Legally, Trump had to leave it up to the STATES. Let’s not forget that little bit.

DeSantis just had one state to control. And, at the time, Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNI vaccine, had not come out to reveal what was in it. It was like Einstein coming out too late and saying, oh do not USE the bomb! Everything else Trump did, was great. Now that people are dying right before our eyes, due to the vaccine, we all wonder: Did Trump KNOW how deadly it was? And does he still not admit it?

That’s a problem. Even Wayne Allen Root says so. The media is now blaming him for the lockdowns. Forgetting that the medical cabal had already been killing millions with withholding real cures.

It’s not in Trump’s nature to admit the vaccine kills. Like it’s in everyone’s nature that 9/11 is never talked about.

And then there the ‘richest’ man on the planet, Elon Musk. His Tesla’s are wonderful, but nevertheless impractical. He believes in Global Warming. He is on the new green deal, LOVES China, thinks China will own the world, and THEN turns around and buys Twitter in order to SAVE the free speech of America.

My head is spinning. What? Love China? Love Freedom? But China buys most of your Tesla’s? How does that make you any different than Apple? Nobody Knows.

I love to listen to his video’s and his thoughts on everything. Who doesn’t? To us that says, he’s great…but when it comes to his money, he really doesn’t care about what is right or wrong. Only what will be beneficial to him. He gets praise in China; he gets praise here. He says what EVERYBODY would like to hear, depending on the country.

Please them all. In that way he is much like Obama when he was running for office. Everybody thought he was going to heal the wounds of America, instead he destroyed us. And by the way, Musk says he voted for Hillary and Obama, which makes you wonder. They destroyed the country. Surely, he sees they are Marxist.

Nevertheless, he is coming to the rescue of free speech. He bought Twitter to expose the left and how Twitter influenced Trump’s election.  

 Elon makes a lot of sense…about A.I. About freedom of speech. About the world needing MORE population not less. Every conservative in America is singing his praises. Nevertheless, is he a true American? Or is he really a globalist of the world?

So, what is it with these two? What do they have in common that they can continue to support on the one hand clearly popular beliefs, and then turn around and make exceptions to every belief they claim to hold dear?

Elon is right in many respects. Our politicians have destroyed America, it took them years, but they did it. Our companies BUILT China.

Trump was a great President. If they would have let him really be a success, God knows, he could have changed the world for good.

The truth is, both these men, are pragmatic. Survival is their game. The world is a much scarier place than it’s ever been due to technology, and our very selfish and controlled politicians.

Nobody Thinks they are both good men. I just hope that MORE good men join them to save us all.

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