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Nobody Wonders About Bankman, Manchin, & So on

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders: Will we see another ‘suicide’ in the jailcell of Sam Bankman? The new face of corruption for the elites?

Will the camera’s all blank out at the same time in his jail cell? We saw him being honored everywhere and then suddenly…he was arrested. In the Bahamas. Was Hillary’s recent journey to the Bahamas just a coincidence, or did she just want to sun at her vacation home there?

From WND–

Once again, “amazing timing” has helped the Dems out. Just like how COVID happened to hit right when Dems needed to wipe out Trump’s amazing economy, and right before a US election, which made mail-in ballots a thing. Yes, all of that was a coincidence, right? A coinky dink that worked out beautifully for Dems. And here we are again, with more “perfect timing” for the Democrats. This time, the Dem donor at the center of a major financial scandal, poised to bring the entire party to its knees, was just arrested right before he was set to testify before Congress.


Nobody Wonders: Was Bankman buying up real estate in the Bahamas with the money he stole for his ‘elite’ democratic politicians and their friends in the Ukraine?

From CNBC FTX executives spent $256 million on Bahamas real estate (

Bahamian lawyers say FTX executives Sam Bankman-Fried and Ryan Salame spent $256.3 million to buy and maintain 35 different properties across New Providence, Bahamas.

Now, Bahamas regulators are trying to claw back the property from FTX’s U.S. bankruptcy protection proceedings, telling a Delaware federal judge that allowing the properties to be administered in U.S. courts would be both administratively ineffective and illegal under Bahamas law.


Nobody Wonders: Have you noticed that all the important votes in Congress come down to JUST ONE? I have. It’s amazing. So, we now have two democrats who say they might go Independent. Is this the new way of being about to bribe and extort your vote to the highest bidder? Joe Manchin did it once, why not again? When important legislation holds the key down to ONE VOTE, how lucrative it is to be that ONE vote that everybody wants.

“Parliament of Whores” by P.J. O’Rourke—yes, he was dead right.

From U.S. News ‘I’m not a Washington Democrat’: Manchin leaves the door open to becoming independent – Nwo Report

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) suggested he is open to becoming an independent like Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) but has no intention of leaving the Democratic Party anytime soon.


Nobody Wonders: Shouldn’t there be a law against taxpayers paying for secret weddings of Presidents and their relatives in the White House? Joe Biden’s granddaughter just got married there and nobody was allowed to witness it, even though YOU PAID FOR IT. Not to mention, most of the Presidents have their relatives live with them in the White House. And nobody ever talks much about it, until they leave.


Nobody Wonders: Strawberries in my local store just went up from $3.89 to about $10.00. So, what? Do we need to start growing our own in our back yards, and Nobody Wonders, will they LET us?


And one that really bothers me: Have you notice that whenever you click on some ad on the internet that hooks you into getting more info on something you might want to buy, you get a big screen, and the video lasts for 45 minutes before they get you to the product and its cost? And you’re thinking “GET TO THE POINT &$&%”

Who HAS that kind of time? And what idiotic person in some corporate world being paid millions thought this marketing evil up?

It’ stupid. I always click off when I see the “WAIT! Don’t’ leave!” sign.

Somebody must be watching those ads, and it’s mostly selling pills.

And Nobody Wonders who these people are.

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