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Ron DeSantis: The Ultimate Trojan Horse?

When the Greeks sent in their giant horse to Troy, history reports the people inside the city thought it was a ‘gift’. They brought it into the gates and celebrated, then went to sleep.

That’s when the soldiers dropped down from inside the horse where they had remained quiet. They ran to the gates of the city and let in the other soldiers who were waiting outside. Troy was taken.

It’s an old trick, and one which we have seen time and again politicians use to great effectiveness. I remember George W. Bush, the cowboy, coming in on a white horse to ‘save’ us all from President Bill Clinton. The most effective President that the GOP had in our lifetime was Ronald Reagan. George put on a cowboy hat, acted like Reagan, moved to Texas, became an oil man, and then the ‘savior’ was born.

Clever. Later on he started the war in Iraq, built the huge Homeland Security apparatus, we all had to be monitored every time we got on a plane, we lost that war and many of our freedoms, not to mention human lives and money. So, was Bush Jr. the good old Texan American boy we wanted, or was he Daddy’s clone? The elite eastern, skull and bones, globalist “NO BORDERS” Trojan horse man we came to know?

Obama: Promised to unite the country. Articulate, family man, intelligent…did he turn out to be that man? Or was he the vicious black racist, meant to divide and turn the country into a cesspool of anger in order to get us already to be “fundamentally” changed into a communist country? Was he a savoir or a traitor, riding in on a Trojan Horse of union and peace? What did he REALLY bring us?

Now we have Florida governor Ron DeSantis….who just released a book. His “DeSantis for 24” caps are online, and he is being n presented as the savoir of all that we now consider “WOKE.” He WILL save us…or will he? His soundbites are all about controlling the democrats, but how is he on foreign wars? Notice, he doesn’t talk much about Ukraine except to say he’s for it.

Jeb Bush backs him, as do ALL the globalist RINOS.

Is he just the GOP establishment’s Trojan Horse? Are the RINOS going to all come out of the stomach of his administration?

And then, there’s Trump. His cabinet was FILLED with RINOS, and now he’s talking about building cities in government lands…giving Americans hope that if they can’t stay in the democratic cities, they will be able to move to a free city in the middle of the desert or somewhere. All the other cities are in the hands of communists. But will that happen? Will that prove to be the 15-minute cities that the globalists are talking about? After four years, when his term is up, it could be.

I wouldn’t doubt it. If history repeats itself.

Trump was a savior once…but as history showed us, the RINOS surrounded him with a whole ranch full of Trojan Horses. He was defeated in the election. He went quietly. Now he’s running again. Still, Trump was always true to his word. Will

And one more thing: Is there another Trojan Horse out there? Will Elon Musk run for President?

Nobody Wonders. And if he does, we must all ask ourselves, who sent HIM in as the Trojan horse?

After all, he could promise all the Americans, fair, and wonderful hopes of a better future, but that’s what they all do.

Who runs Elon? Rothchild? Bankers? China? Or just a simple competition between Titans?

I don’t know. Okay, I said I’d quit writing. I’ll shut now up now.

By the way, I tried to post this last night. The internet went down, over most of the city. Were they trying to prevent a bank run?

Nobody Wonders.

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