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Can Any Candidate Save America?

Nobody Wonders

So—the only ‘conservative’ talk shows on Cable TV are promoting DeSantis. I should know, I’m home all day listening to the radio, the cable networks, and reading the sites.

When Trump came out and called DeSantis “Desantimonious” those that know Trump, know he uses what works. When he ran for President in 2016, he had cute little names for all his 16 opponents. It worked.  But DeSantis has hit every conservative TRUMP voter concern with bullets of sanity.

Having said this, remember, Obama sounded just as brilliant as DeSantis, and we must remember that all candidates will say whatever they can to be elected. The governor of Texas for years have let the immigrants come into Texas, no matter WHAT he says. He is still letting them in.

We have seen with the last ‘bank’ bailout, that the government and the BIG CORPORATIONS are now fascist…joined together to rule as one.  Neither DeSantis or Trump will be able to control that.

So, sure, if this was the same America, then DeSantis’s words would have meaning. Where most all conservative pundits make the mistake is that America is no longer a “republic.’ America as they want it to be, is gone. Elections are rigged, and no doubt will be forever more.

My dear mother before she died suggested that the conservatives secede from the Union and let California, and New York go independent. “We will have the food basket.” she said.

No longer. Bill Gates will own that. (Ukraine is the world’s food basket.) Have you heard any one running for President willing to stop Gates?

So, Nobody Wonders. They make a LOT of money off the “big political fights.” In the meantime, America continues to be destroyed and Nobody Wonders if ANYONE can save it.

Any suggestions?

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