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Will King George Be the Last British Monarch?

Nobody Wonders—

So, they named the future King of England George, Alexander, Louis….

George makes sense. Louis sounds French…but Alexander?

Sure, it’s Greek. But it’s also a city in Egypt. Still, I suppose one must think of the future. By the time King George takes over the crown, the Muslims in England will outnumber the natives. Muhammad IS the most popular new baby name in England right now.

King George might very well be the last reining monarch of the British empire. After that, the odds are very much in favor of a King Muhammad. Royal George

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Protection For the White British Woman Who Wants Her Country Back

Nobody Reports

Not since Lenny Bruce was arrested for obscenity have we seen such a fine example of that really wonderfully expressive word…FUCK. You know, the Germans started it, and the Brits refined it, and it probably came from the first guy ever to get mad at the other guy who came into his cave and started eating his food.

Nobody Thinks that the word fuck probably started out as “unk! then muck! than..juck!” It was a gutteral fun thing, and after all, speech is for communication, so therefore, if you grade a word by it’s proper place of great use, than fuck is a mighty fine word indeed, and this lady has had about enough of the world, and being not from the proper upper class of eitles, she got arrested for it.

While many people are outraged at the fact that this lady is claiming that all these people on the bus do not look like her, (and they don’t) therefore are not British, therefore she wants them all to go home, let Nobody remind the readers that JUST because you are born in a country, that doesn’t mean you LIKE that country, or feel attracted to the natives. Whoever thought up the “let’s make them mix and mate, and see what happens!” theory of utopia should have been arrested long before this poor woman.

What this lady should have said is : How would you like it if a bunch of people invaded YOUR neighborhood and took it over? May I suggest that the people in history who didn’t resist invasion, were pretty much left on the dustbin floor…or as in the Indians of the old West, the dustbin of the local reservation.

She was arrested for being a “racists” although, she spoke facts: she said —blacks. Poles. Uh…what’s wrong with that? There are many “white” people in the world that admire her rant, even though it seemed very crude…and not exactly the Queen’s English. She SHOULD have the right to free speech. But, not in England. She was arrested.

Oh my.

So, Nobody suggests all the white people done these really cool helmets and go forth into our native countries, stand up… and…be silent—lest we be arrested. Actions speak louder than words. And who’s going to mess with us with our fine new helmets on? This one is only $2,995 dollars, but that’s with real crystal. You can make one at home, with cheap glass for $60.00. In fact, if I were a rich man, I would send her one, for having the guts to stick up for her tribe, lot of good it did her. 

(Nobody makes this stuff up.)

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