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Will King George Be the Last British Monarch?

Nobody Wonders—

So, they named the future King of England George, Alexander, Louis….

George makes sense. Louis sounds French…but Alexander?

Sure, it’s Greek. But it’s also a city in Egypt. Still, I suppose one must think of the future. By the time King George takes over the crown, the Muslims in England will outnumber the natives. Muhammad IS the most popular new baby name in England right now.

King George might very well be the last reining monarch of the British empire. After that, the odds are very much in favor of a King Muhammad. Royal George

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  1. AlexandRIA is in Egypt, Joyanna.

    Why is it that Americans have such an interest in British Monarchy? Whenever even a minor Royal steps on old Colonial shores your press goes wild, the TV morning programs hostesses squeal with delight and matrons/yoof line the streets. And still yet some folk look forward to a time when our Monarchy disappears for good.

    I hope they soldier on with Princes doing what no President’s sons are ever allowed to – be soldiers of their Country.

    I even look to the day when an American President is welcomed to another country with as much pleasure taken in their presence as the Queen always sees instead of feigned welcome behind gritted teeth locked in a rictus smile. Even in Alexandria.

    Young George will have to wait a fairly long time before he gets to be King though. Crikey, he is a baby and he has several ahead of him in Line.

    I am not one of them, of course, although I reckon I would make a damned fine King. For a start I would not Open Parliament and read out what ‘My Government’ is about to do this year from a script written by the PM’s flunkies, without making very clear that much of it does NOT meet with my Regal approval and is likely to lead my loyal and beloved subjects along the road to perdition. I would look quite sternly at the MPs and look for a general revolt amongst my Subject along the lines of what you people did but in reverse.

    It is not too late for you guys to apologise and return the silver you know! I would be quite regally forgiving and welcome back the prodigal son.


    I cannot be in line, of course, because I am a Catholic, and despite having the Catholic Emancipation Act which was supposed to emancipate we Original, One, True, Catholic and Apostolic Christian folk, I cannot be King nor Lord Lieutenant of Ireland nor half a dozen other cushy jobs reserved for Protestant buggers.

    So count one up for Americans who DO allow Catholics on your Presidential Throne. Although you seem to be ahead of us too in having a Hussein already, if not a Mohammed.

    What’s in a name?


    Comment by Amfortas | July 24, 2013 | Reply

    • yes we have a Hussein. I have another name for him. And the silver we will keep!

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | July 25, 2013 | Reply

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