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Nobody Cares if HOGG Goes to Harvard


Nobody Cares

It’s official. No college wanted this idiot because of his poor school record but Harvard!

Yes, according to reports, Harvard thinks he is just the perfect little propaganda man to promote into Presidential material…to live among the elites…to dictate to the masses that “We are white supremacists and must give back the land we stole to the poor Mexicans.”

That shows you where the ‘elite’ establishment of Harvard stands: still trying to force a borderless world, on us all,  and they think snubbed-nosed Hogg boy is going to be just all the rage in a few years, and just the man who could do it.

Harvard has been a cesspool of idiots since Henry Adams, whose grandfather AND father both graduated from that school, but by the time Henry taught in it, it was already just a breeding ground for future rulers of the rich.

He was appalled at the stupidity of almost everyone who worked there.

He wrote about what a waste of time Harvard was, and how utterly STUPID were the professors.

Clearly, Harvard has NOT changed since “The Education of Henry Adams” And many of our past Presidents went to Harvard. Obama, Kennedy, FDR, Theodore, Bush…

It’s no WONDER they all hate our President. He is NOT a Harvard man. Thank god. 

Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds….

                                                        Henry AdamsNobody Cares anymore if Hogg goes to Harvard. What we DO care about, is that the man who IS President…didn’t. 

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Will Hogg Get His Own Show?

Nobody Reports

Wait…he was there…no…he wasn’t there…he was in the closet, no…on his bike, no…

So…where exactly WAS David Hogg when the Parkland school was being shot up?

Gee…mom didn’t catch that one soon enough, did she?

Mom? Oh, she works for CNN. It seems Mr. Hogg has been being coached by mom (And who knows HOW many liberal coaches) to get ready for his big launch as the new face of young voters against guns.

Dad worked for the know, that FBI who was told more than 4 times that the shooter was going to SHOOT UP THE SCHOOL?

Yeah. That one. You can also find video’s of David being ‘coached’ with his lines, and reading Soros like statements of “We– will change this country” stuff.

I missed Hogg’s big talk in Washington D.C. on the mall, where he gave the Hitler youth speech on ‘getting out the vote’ and ‘revolution’ and all that stuff….

But Spielberg, and most of Hollywood were moved to tears. Next thing you know, Hogg will have his own series on Netflick, where they will try to make him into the next Veritas reporter “on the scene.”

He will be everywhere…capturing cops killing blacks, and white privilege students walking to their cars, and women obeying their husbands, and people loving God.

All the things our country needs to change.

He’s already been on the beat at the beach, catching life guards telling punks not to put their surfboards on public trash cans. It’s all just SO unfair, but don’t worry….HOGG will be there!

And when he is a guest star on Rosanne, the ratings will go out the roof.

This kid was coached BEFORE this whole thing to be ready for his debut. Trouble is, he can’t remember his lines…but lets’ hope he keeps it up, because the NRA’s membership is booming.

And THAT’s good for America.

So, thanks Hogg! Oh, and love those movies….wait…you’re not an actor?

You just love mosquitos. Got it.

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David Hogg: Just another Spook?

Nobody Wonders

Have you seen this?  

It seems, like the Sheriff of Broward County, there is more to David Hogg than is being reported.

Somebody reported how strange it was that David Hogg, seen here in this video acting as if he is in command of the country’s response to the shootings in Florida, graduated three years ago from Redondo Shores High School in California:

Add to that, a video he made at the school that day, asking about the shooting, but he made the mistake of saying the time: around 9.30.

Long before it actually occurred.

And think about the points David makes here:

1st: He’s not going back to school until legislators raise the age to 21 or mandates universal background checks.

Well…why would he care if he’s already graduated, right? Also, by saying that, he is trying to get other kids to drop out of school and force a demand on gun rights. If parents went along with this kid and told the kids to stay home, they’d be more than stupid.

2nd: David makes the point: How can we expect teachers to protect the children when the officers wouldn’t even go in? This one is rather insidious considering more than one teacher gave their lives to protect the children. That right there proves he’s wrong.

And yet, how many idiots are going to go..,”Yeah, that’s right.” 

3rd: Rather than blaming Scott Israel for doing a piss poor job training his men, and running a department of “do nothing about anything” police department, he blames the republican governor.

It’s the republican governor who should be replaced. And any other republican congressmen in the Florida legislature. They don’t want the sheriff, they want the TOP dogs GOP in government.

Well of course they do! There’s an election coming up.

He’s doing the famous “make three points” debating technique, but the trouble is, all three of those points are idiotic.

The more I watch this kid, the more I suspect the whole ordeal was MEANT to happen. Someone at the FBI and deep state level was just watching this bottle rocket go off, (Last count 45 times) and they were preparing this kid Hogg to make the demands that Obama, and the left couldn’t make when it happened.

Anybody who would approve the sale of Uranium to Russia, would think this is petty stuff. To the democrats/liberals the ends justify the means.

Always has. This Nobody truly believes that some of the deep state would gladly sacrifice lives in order to take over the most important control of all: disarmament.

I’m just saying. His FBI Daddy must be proud.

Nobody Wonders: Who REALLY…is David Hogg?

One thing for sure: He is not just another local high school student.


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