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Matt Damon’s Stupidity So Much Worse Than We Thought

Nobody Flashes….

Matt Damon saying this on Breitbart:

“We made the movie last year and it’s incredible to see what’s happened in Charlottesville. It’s horrible,” Damon told THR. “A lot of people, myself included, are really waking up to the extent of the existing racism, and it’s so much worse than I naively thought. I just feel naïve at this point.”

Matt, I hate to break it to you, but you are worse than ‘naïve.’ You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

For instance: I was coming out of a vitamin store today, and there was an older black man talking to all the white people in the store. He was really upset at how the politicians were trying to start a race war.

“They’re trying to control us!” he said.

We stood outside and talked for a long time. About everything. The truth was clear to this man. “It’s just skin color!” he yelled. As he held out his arm. “White people are suffering too. We’re all suffering!”

“We are ALL going to be in trouble, they want to hurt us all. And they want the old to die, because they already brainwashing the younger generation.”

I happen to believe that these conversations between blacks and whites are going on all over the country.

The blacks are waking up, much to the horror of the democrats.

Yes, they ARE in panic.

We are witnessing on our TV’s, how the people in Texas, are coming together as people. Big white “racist” men with trucks, boats, food, helping everyone. Blacks, whites, Hispanics…TEXANS. Americans.


Those memories will not long be forgotten. No race, no hatred, no racism. Just Americans.

“We’re ALL Americans.” James said. (That was my new friend’s name.)

The message is clear.

We were standing only a few miles from Ferguson. If “Ferguson”  did nothing else, it woke up the black population.

So, Matt, go back to the Hampton’s and sip on whatever drug you prefer.

You don’t know WHAT the hell you’re talking about.

Funny, isn’t it? The left is so desperate to keep up the black/white war in America they have to keep dragging us back to talking about Charlottesville? How many black men are shot every night in Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore…Chicago? Where’s your pity for them?

Sorry, Matt, I don’t need to see your ‘movie.’ What was the name of it again?

Why don’t you make yourself useful and give some of your millions to the people in Texas?

Oh wait…they’re racist.

Really Matt, hope you got a lot of money in the bank.

Haven’t you heard? Americans don’t like giving our money to Hollywood traitors.

One guy, in the comments section, said this, and I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Racism in Hollyweird ‘So Much Worse’ Than I Thought

Violence in Left ‘So Much Worse’ Than I Thought

Stupidity in Damon ‘So Much Worse’ Than I Thought

Petulance in Actors ‘So Much Worse’ Than I Thought

This is fun…


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Matt Damon’s Not Going to Miss My Money

Nobody Knows

My husband and I have a thing that we do: When we go to see a movie, we like to comment on the trailers of the upcoming movies. When we saw the trailer to Independence Day, we turned to each other and said.Jason Borne

“Okay..gotta see that.”

So, when the new Bourne Identity trailer came on, I said…nothing. My husband though, while ALWAYS trying to make it a majority rule vote, said.

“I don’t care if you don’t want to see it. That is one movie I gotta see. We are going.”

He’s a big Jason Bourne fan.

Well, what else am I going to do? Say I’m going to stay home and watch Hillary bitch about Trump?

But…after I told him what Matt Damon said about guns and Trump, (He thinks all guns should be outlawed and Trump is dangerous.) well…let’s just say, the old x-Navy Seal guy said “I’m not giving my money to that dirt bag. Forget it. We’ll see it when it comes out on free TV. ”

I have always wondered about these big gun-toting movies stars coming out against guns.

To me, it’s poor business sense to put down people who own guns, while you make your millions off of people coming to your movies to WATCH you shoot and kill bad guys, and then act like it’s wrong in real life.

Stallone, and Schwarzenegger did the same thing years ago, put down guns, …and it’s always RIGHT before their movie comes out.Jason four

We stopped seeing The Expendables because of Stallone’s big mouth.

When people GO to see the big guns and the big gun fights, what? How can they NOT see what hypocrites they are? It’s as if they are saying. “Oh, I can have one, you can’t. You can only worship me having one.”  Does that REALLY help their sales? Aren’t they making movies to make money?

By the way…add the big liberal Harrison Ford to the list.

They’ve made their fortunes on gun movies. If they believed with all their heart and soul that guns are bad, then they would stop making movies where they kill in every other scene.

Surely, there are other people like my husband and I who refuse to give our money to hypocrites, especially when one small soda and one small popcorn is more than the cost of the ticket.

I don’t know about you, but in the last eight years our local theater is lucky to get even 6 people to watch any of the 14 movies they have playing,…how in the world can they stay in business?

Obviously the movies stars don’t care if anybody comes to see the film, they’ve already been paid, and besides, the U.S. is now just a small market…They have the rest of the world to make up what they lose here.

And I have another theory, that we won’t find out about…I think that every one of these stars are getting BIG piles of money from somebody who wants to disarm America.

Maybe it’s the U.N. or George Soros, or Obama, or the Clintons, I have no idea, but I don’t think these ego’s are talking this shit just because they are liberals.

I think they are getting PAID to be propagandists. It won’t be the first time in History that Hollywood worked with the government.

Nobody Knows of course, but I also think that the actor gets paid, not only every time they pick up a Pepsi, or when they smoke a cigarette, or throw up on screen, but when they go out and talk about gun control to promote the movie.

Here’s a fact from Brietbart:Jason two

During the time period of 1993-2014, private gun ownership skyrocketed and firearm-related homicides plummeted in the United States.

Thanks to Obama, almost everyone now has a gun. So even if they passed a law saying you could no longer buy a gun, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. What about the 360 million already owned? Do they think that if they outlawed every gun that killings would stop?

After all, one of the guns from Fast and Furious ended up killing all those poor nightclub people in Paris.

Obama has given more guns to Syria and Isis, than we will ever know, they surely will make it here over the border. Those guns are already here.

There are many people who think: “Oh well, I don’t care what Matt Damon’s politics are, I’m going to see the movie anyway.”

My husband and I have a hard time doing that. To us, it’s an attack on our 2nd amendment rights. There are hundreds of other movies to watch and things to do.

Matt Damon is NOT going to miss our money, I know.

But maybe someday he will be replaced by a real Navy Seal to play Jason Bourne. Then we’ll go see the movies again.

After all…it’s not like Matt Damon can act.

Jason three

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Cantagion: Idiot’s Guide to a Pandemic

Nobody Cares

Not since the bird flu pandemic (did you get it?) have we needed another movie to remind us all, that at any moment, the earth’s population could be cut in half with a virus. It could spread so fast, that within months, body bags would run out, and the best thing to do would be to stay in your house, and pray someone with a gun doesn’t break in and kill you for your food.

Or eat you for food.

My husband and I needed a reprieve from the fact that we didn’t have money to go on a vacation, and we thought, “Surely we can go to a flick.” since the Bahamas was out of the question.

Everyone else must have been in the Bahamas because we were the only ones there. And that’s in the WHOLE movie theater which has 18 huge cinemas and an IMAX.  

(Nobody is making this up… not this time.)

 I suggested we go see Contagion, because we both like Matt Daman. Nobody has a theory that movie stars come onto the scene in very popular conservatives movies, grab the loyalty of the diehard intelligent people they need to change, and then..turn into liberal idiots. Then we are all totally surprised that they have cauliflower for brains.

Matt Damon stared in the Borne Identity movies, which are all great. He then came out just recently and started talking about unions and how much we need them. (I’d better stop right now, because in my head I can think of dozens of entertainers who have always promoted the old conservative themes, and then came out flaming red, and insulting the very people who go to see their films.)


“Red is the color that my baby wore, and once more it’s true…yes it is.” Sorry, I had a Beatle moment.

So, back to the movie. Matt Damon plays the main character whose wife catches a deadly virus when she was in Hong Kong, and then infects a lot of people at a casino and the whole world becomes infected. People can’t get the vaccines except by lottery, in other words, it shows you what would happen if there really was an outbreak. Marshall Law is moved in right away. And get this: the real scientists of the world claim this movie is right on track.

As far as movies goes, this one was just okay. My husband was severely disappointed because he was expecting Zombies.(BIG Zombie lover) I wanted to see it because I suspected it was going to be another “lesson.”

Nobody Thinks I was right.

It was more like a…you know, this might happen, and the government and Homeland Security will take years to get out the vaccines, but in the end it will be done, because they are all good people.  Elites will get it first. People, will die. But, that’s life folks.

Okay—Nobody prefers the government conspiracy movies, but there were no government conspiracies in this movie. At the end, all the suspicions that this virus was some kind of germ warfare was put to rest when the camera zooms in on a bat, and a pig…the real culprits. Honest…last scene. That’s your lesson.

The scene that upset me the most is when a government guy (Played by Lawrence) decided that maybe putting the vaccine in the water would be a good idea, because they did put fluoride in it for our benefit. I’ve read too much about the harmful side effects of fluoride to go there.  

I know, you may say that at this point in my life that Nobody is getting too suspicious. Nobody reasons that the more you know, the more you see, and the less you can enjoy it. This happened to me long ago when I took Art Appreciation in college. I got an A, and then every time I looked at a painting afterwards, I would dissect it…I could tell you who did it, what period it was from, HOW they painted it..etc.. Then one day, I realized…I simply did not enjoy the beauty of art any longer. I couldn’t look at a simple sunset without going into all the details in my mind.

It was…annoying.

So, I forgot everything I knew about it,—on purpose. It took me years to forget it, I had to unlearn what I had learned.  Nobody Thinks I’m becoming so good at spotting all the propaganda in everything now, that I find it hard to enjoy movies anymore. I know millions of others probably feel the same way.  

But this time, I will be saved from myself by mother nature. Someday, I won’t remember where I put the car keys OR the car. I won’t remember ever seeing this movie, because the govenment after reading this,  will make sure I get an extra dose of floride in my water.

Despite the movie, we had a great box of buttered popcorn, a theater all to ourselves, and then came home and ducked taped the windows.  (just kidding)

Really, if you can just enjoy a movie without thinking…it’s really…okay.

Good thing money is tight right now:  According to this movie, it very well could have been me that walked into a casino in the Bahamas and then I would have ended up being the one to kill the world with a virus from a banana, dropped by a monkey who had had sex with a pig,  into my margarita.

I’m just saying….


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