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Obama’s Plans…the Ones He isn’t Talking About.

Nobody’s Opinion

Imagine my surprise when I saw this book at my local library…displayed for all to see:


It was published right before the 2012 election, and if I had read it back then, or ANY body had bothered to read it when it came out (like Mitt Romney) all they had to do was point out the many plans that Obama had going on in the background away from the American eyes, and he might have lost.Obama's Stealing

Which makes me wonder if the books were just NOW delivered to the libraries.

Stanley Kurtz, explained in this book, the Common Core educational system that Obama is now putting into place with the help of the Bill Gates Foundation. He tells you that Common Core basically federalizes all schools, taking local control out of every state and city, but did it in such a way as to bypass the Constitution.

He uses the “carrot” of stimulus money.

But that’s not the most alarming thing in the book. Here’s where the real transformation of America is going to come to fruition:

“The problem is that Obama’s actual interest in the suburbs lies in redistributing their tax money to the cities stripping suburban municipalities of their right to self rule, and forcing suburbanites to move back to town.  Obama is aiming to fleece suburbanites of their hard earned income over to the cities.”

It’s called regionalism. And Obama has been in this business with his former cronies from Chicago (Alinsky) building up to this moment.  He kept it stealth. But we are going to see it come about very soon.

“The regionalist program for gradually doing in the suburbs has three main components 1) Redistribute suburban money to the cities 2) Force middle class suburbanites back to the city. 3) Force the urban poor out into the suburbs.

The day after I starting reading this book, much to my surprise, the three (4-year) term white city Mayor of St. Louis, Francis Slay, had just gotten elected to a whopping 4 more years.  And he won over two black men  So why did a predominantly black district elect a white man again?

My Nobody Opinion: You don’t merge predominately white suburbs with a predominately black city unless you have a white man guiding the way.Kris 78

Slay had the big democratic guns behind him:  In addition to labor, Mayor Slays political support included the likes of Malik Ahmed, MO State Rep. Karla May, Jim Buford, Sable Jones, MO Governor Jay Nixon, Robbie Montgomery of Sweetie Pies, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, Earline Bell, businessman Tony Thompson, Rev. Earl Nance, Jr., MO State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, Angela Miles, Sal Martinez, Greg F.X. Daly, Lou Ford, Bob Kelley, Shameen, and Rodney Hubbard, Jr., MO State Rep. Penny Hubbard and Rodney Hubbard, Jr., Ted Williams, J. Kim Tucci, Alderwoman Tammika Hubbard, Secretary of State Jason Kander, Aldermen Shane Cohn, and Jennifer Florida; Joe Edwards, and Peter Sortino…(the list goes on)

In his acceptance speech…his big plans? Merge the country and the city by 2020. (I heard it on the news, but I can’t find it now on YouTube)

But he talks about it here, although he cleverly hides the fact that the people will not elect these representatives:

Not too long ago, in the St. Louis area, the county AND the city were asked to pay for a tax increase to ‘fix our parks.” They sold it on “We will fix up the Arch grounds.”  I voted against it, there is nothing that the Arch needs, but it passed…of course. ALL tax hikes pass in St. Louis.

Amazing isn’t it?

This redistribution has been going on long before Obama. It’s what Fannie and Freddie housing collapse was about. So, we have to assume that George W. Bush was on board with this social engineering program, because he was out promoting it too.

I used to live in a predominately white neighborhood, and when Clinton got elected, the schools in the city started shutting down, and the black kids were all shipped out to the white suburbs. Our property taxes went sky high, and basically the democrats socially engineered a whole proportion of blacks out to the suburbs.

Down the street was a community mall with lots of local shops that made the whole neighborhood feel like middle class.  Now, that mall is filled with government agencies and a community school where blacks all get free educations. The stores, (hundreds of them) are gone. Socialism is not a pretty sight.

The white in my neighborhood, the ones who could afford it, moved out to the closest City, St. Charles.Obama eating flag

Mayor Slay would LOVE to get his hands on St. Charles taxes, but so far they have resisted. And what has happened to St. Louis, a democratic city? All our business have vanished. Like Detroit…they leave waste lands. So, tell me why they keep getting reelected? Is it any wonder that they want to raid the money of the people in the suburbs?


The liberals have ruined our schools. In the next four years the rest of the plan, of complete redistricting money to the “poor’ will be complete.

Democrats will rule by a sort of soft communism…once this happens.

The book explains Obama’s visions, and the fact that this hasn’t gotten out until now, shows you that they already have this redistribution plan in full motion.

So, Nobody Thinks everyone should read this book. I don’t know where you live, but maybe if enough people are warned, it won’t happen to you.

That is…if you can find it.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Detroit VS St. Louis

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have two mid-western cities to compete against each other for the Nobody’s Perfect award of the week: The City of Detroit VS the City of St. Louis. Or the City of Cars VS the City of Beer, which nether city manufactures anymore.  (Internationally owned beer companies do NOT count.)

Let’s begin:


As reported on the Drudge report, Detroit can barely keep it’s city lights on. The once thriving automobile manufacturing center of the United States is so bankrupt, it not only cannot keep it lights on, it can’t fix the broken ones. By some estimates over 50 percent of the city’s lights have been broken, or pillaged for their metal. Added on to this lovely heaven of darkness given to the hard-core criminals, you have an unemployment record so egregious that if Jimmy Hoffa knew, he would come out of his cement grave to throw hit men as big as Jubba the Hut at the CEO’s fat heads. Henry Ford would crawl out of his Model T and get his friend Thomas Edison to shut down the whole city, and move everyone to Ft. Myers, Florida and start over.

Too bad we can’t resurrect them. (When are they going to get on that cloning?)

From the Detroit News:

Like many swaths of the city, the historic Indian Village neighborhood has remained largely dark at night after vandals destroyed transformers in nearly every streetlight pole that powers them.  On a recent rainy day, Wicks, 64, a retired GM engineer who has lived in Detroit for decades, watched as city Public Lighting workers put new transformers at the top of the aging wooden poles. Just days later, those streetlights were out — again.

BUT…crime is down in Detroit. No longer do the locals run out on Halloween and set fire to buildings. They now have better things to do, like play video games on their giant HD TV that they got because Obama gave them all money. Detroit was once the most dangerous city in the United States, but no more…that fine badge of honor has now been passed to the city of St. Louis.

St. Louis:

Yes, St. Louis is considered the most dangerous city in the United State and I can tell you for a fact, that if you are looking for drugs and are stupid enough to go downtown at night, it won’t matter how many lights are on, you will be shot. They will even smile up at the many camera’s and wave while they’re shooting you. Our city is proud to have great lights, it’s North County St. Louis, where I now reside, that is losing its lights because that’s where all the people from the City moved to.

Are you kidding? The only thing downtown is the arch, the baseball stadium, and when the moon is right…drunks looking to get over to Illinois.(They can only see by moonlight,)

All the blacks from the city moved to North County, (and the whites moved out) and it’s here that we have a  problem that hasn’t seem to hit Detroit…wild packs of dogs—who will not only will rip your throat out, you will become a bucket of KFC for the whole family.  Cousins of Michael Vicks’ family must live here, because most of these dogs are BIG dogs. And therefore the kids can’t walk to school or home without carrying some kind of golf club or rocket launcher.

A young boy was attacked and nearly eaten alive by wild dogs in North St. Louis. City leaders are scrambling to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Aldermanic President Lewis Reed is sounding the alarm. “I’ve witnessed packs of dogs, 10 and 15 dogs running together, and I’ve seen all these dogs I’m talking about they don’t have collars, they don’t have tags, these are truly wild dogs.” he said.

Nobody wants to know: Well, Lewis…are you going to do anything about it? Oh, I forgot, the human society was closed due to loss of city funding.

Nobody Knows that it’s a hard decision: Which town is more…worthy of its declining reputation? On the one hand, Detroit’s darkness leads to a safe haven for anyone who wants to steal more metal from light poles…and whatever else they can find.

On the other hand, St. Louis has monster dogs, that can attack you anytime of the day or night. Some might say you are safer inside your house with these attack dogs prowling your neighborhood, but then again..wasp spray is pretty cheap.

Nobody suggests a solution to the lights and the dogs.  

Detroit just gave a jobs fair for all the ex- cons who were looking for work. In fact, prisons all over the United States are letting out their population because feeding someone three great meals a day, with cable, phone, and a master’s degree is money better spent overseas giving children time in Afghanistan schools in which to study Islam. We just sent 46 million to Uganda…come on! And that was last year!

Africa needs the money more than the people in Detroit. You know that.

Nobody Thinks someone should start a business to hire ex-cons to catch the dogs, train the dogs, and walk the dangerous neighborhoods at night to keep us all safe.

The cops can’t be everywhere.

As a bonus..Muslims HATE dogs, and who needs lights when you have a growling barking dog?

With the money you’d save…you’d have the lights back on in no time.’d have ex-cons taking over both cities with their trained dog packs. At that point the company CEO would start sending the dogs overseas and the ex-cons would be out of a job again.

Okay Joyanna…what’s plan B?

I’m working on it.  

So who won the contest?

St. Louis, because the Cardinals made the World Series and the Tigers didn’t, which was a very good thing because they do NOT HAVE ANY LIGHTS. They had to lose.

(And because Nobody lives here.)

There’s always next year, Detroit…but… don’t get your hopes up.


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