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Well, Heck.

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Well Heck.

I’ve got a brand new computer, a brand new keyboard, a brand new book called “Windows 10 for Dummies” (over 8,459,34 pages) and like most new things, I’m going every other minute…WTF did I do?

For instance, I just found out that you can have two desktops, each with two different apps floating around the bottom, and the book said to put the weather app in one desktop and the mail app in the OTHER desktop. Cool. I did that. Not that I would EVER need two desktops, but then again, Bill Clinton didn’t really need Monica now did he?

Then it said to move the weather app from Desktop two, over to Desktop one, and it would be great. So, I tried it, and low and behold, the whole weather app disappeared.

Take about panic. My weather app is more accurate than the National Weather service, who said they truly knew last weekend that the blizzard petered out, but somebody in high power, decided to strand all those poor people in airports. Not their fault.

I’m sure, the order came from John McCain.

Thank god the weather app came back after I restarted the computer. When in doubt, just restart…unless of course you have some sinister John McCain operative trying to wreak your hard drive. I purposely blamed John McCain because today, I got over 20 calls from the same guy who, when I answered, just breathed heavily in Farsi.

As we ALL know, you cannot blame a Muslim for anything, least Allah comes down and decides to take your weather app.

So, now you know…I’m computer retarded, and I blame that on Thomas Edison, who thought memorizing things was stupid, and if you wanted to know something, you should just look it up. And that’s how he tortured his kids. He made THEM look up everything for him.

I can’t tell you how much I missed this past…how long was I gone? No matter.

John McCain needs to find a hobby, like, cleaning up those admirals who held big parties with prostitutes and….wasting the taxpayers money.

No doubt, he was there.

Can you tell I’ve been festering about McCain?

Okay. Enough. The good news is I’ll be trying to post, more, although I’m short on pictures…don’t ask. Long story.

Here’s the only one I have.

Me. After losing weather app.

The bad news is this new keyboard feels like it needs to be oiled. It has buttons on it that evidently edit film, cook bacon, and bring you coffee.

I do have some opinions about Obamacare TWO rollout–tomorrow.

I must say, it’s good to be back.





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And You Thought People on FOUR Wheels were Stupid.

Nobody’s Perfect

It’s summer, and once again, I have to manage my pet on bikes two

Here’s my pet peeve. I can’t STAND the thousands of Lance Armstrong wannabe’s riding their bikes on the street of America, as IF they were in the Tour de France and being broadcasted around the world, and about to become the next famous long distance star on the road to fame and Nike commercials.

The last time I rolled down my window and yelled at a guy on a bike, (whose butt was high in my face even though I was in a car) he turned around and told me to “F*$&% OFF.” He was riding in the middle of the street, in FRONT of my car, and going about 10 mph.

He was SURE he had the right of way. He even yelled it at me.

What did I say? “Have you got a brain!?”

And that’s how I look at it. All over the country, our politicians are saying that cars should give the right of way to the bikes on the side of the road.

And sometimes those bikers get going really fast, and they are going downhill, and they come to an intersection, and they DON’T stop for the light, leaving everybody’s heart pounding for the splat.

There IS no commons sense whatsoever in this.

I don’t care if you are Lance Armstrong, you should not be on the shoulder of a road where the cars are going 40 mph or faster.

Hell, you shouldn’t even be riding down the middle of a street in a subdivision.bikes four

THEY HAVE SIDEWALKS FOR THAT MORON! We have beautiful parks all over the country, with bike paths, why not get your ass in gear, and go there to get your workout?

Oh…no girls will see you? Could that be it? Or did you flunk math? Is this just an ego thing? You want the whole world to see what fine shape you’re in?

Here we are…in the 21st century, and all over America, men in their groovy speedo’s, cool Ray Bans, $200 dollar biker shoes, and $400 dollars bikes, THINK they are …superhuman and they would actually live if someone hit them from the back.

And that’s ANOTHER pet peeve I have. Who decided that NOT being able to see the car behind you is smart? If you go against the traffic, at least you have a few seconds to get out of the way, should Cathy the college girl decides she needs to text her boyfriend at the moment your bike hits a rock.

Let’s see, how much force will hit you if a ten ton truck going even 30 mph slams into you? Will you live? CAN your bones survive such an accident?

And let’s talk about that helmet? Is it going to protect your neck when it snaps? Does the thought of a wheelchair for life excite you?

I know the “progressives” want to get us out of our cars, so that we just ride our bikes like the good Europeans, but this country is not built for such nonsense. They have nothing but idiots over there.

And it’s not just the bikers that are in trouble…walking can get you killed too:

Pedestrian and bicyclist deaths rose faster than the overall rate — 6.4 and 6.5 percent, respectively. Last year, 4,743 people were killed while walking and 726 while biking. This is a long-term trend: Walking and biking are becoming more dangerous relative to driving. Occupants of passenger vehicles make up 65 percent of fatalities now, down from 75 percent in 2003, while “non-occupants” (i.e. pedestrians and cyclists) make up 17 percent, up from 13 percent. Motorcyclists now account for 15 percent of casualties, up from 9 percent.

And the worst of it, if the driver hits a man on a bike, it’s ALWAYS the drivers fault.

Construction workers die every day.  Around three quarters of cyclists killed have major head injuries.bikes five

Bikes are giving guns in this country a good run for stats.

Common sense tells you NOT to jump in front of an oncoming train.

Common sense says don’t ride your bike on the side of any road where cars are flashing by at speeds way beyond anything you could ever attend.

You are NOT a car.

You are a just a man with a missing link, who somewhere in his life, decided he was going to ride his bike…in traffic.

You’d be safer bungee jumping. I’m just saying.

And I will continue to yell to any bikers that I see..things like:

.”Hope Obama CARES about you!” (Because I don’t.)

Nothing fits the saying “It’s just an accident waiting to happen.” like guys riding their bikes in traffic.

It’s going to be a lo000000000000ng summer.






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Harvard: Home of the Baal Worshipers.

Nobody KnowsBaal

I’ve been getting an email from a writer friend of mine, who was REALLY upset at the news that the Temple of Baal, was going to be built in New York and London…he sent me a link:

The newest wrinkle in our trek to insanity is that to sympathize with, or to show support for, a particular group of people, America and England are going to have full-size, 48-foot temple entrances of the god “Baal” erected in New York’s Times Square and Trafalgar Square in London.

The organization behind this is the Institute of Digital Archaeology, which is a joint venture between Harvard University, the University of Oxford and Dubai’s Museum of the Future.

Per a WND column written by Matt Barber in 2008: “The principal pillars of Baalism (Baal worship) were child sacrifice, sexual immorality (both heterosexual and homosexual) and pantheism (reverence of creation over the Creator)” (i.e., evolution).

And there’s more: “It turns out that the precise day the reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal are to be erected in Times Square and Trafalgar Square is also the exact day a very important occult festival related to the worship of Baal begins – April 19 – known as the first day of a 13-day period of time known as “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast.”

That is not the end of the story: “The Institute for Digital Archaeology plans to construct approximately 1,000 such versions of the arch in cities throughout the world.”

Okay….I thought. So there really IS an illuminati, and they do get naked in front of gigantic owls in the Bohemian Grove, and have orgies, and so they probably thought…hey, why not put a temple in New York and London and maybe have a few orgies in front of Baal…California is SO far away.

Evidently, the rich men of Harvard, Oxford and Dubai, want the rest of the world to know that they truly worship the devil, or someone who is close to it, and ISIS can destroy the original so therefore, they’ll just build their own. wonder

I ….have…NO…idea if this is true…BUT

Enough people have gotten upset about the news that the elites have called it off, and have decided to just put a 3-D picture up of the Baal Temple, probably on the Empire State building which is certainly politically correct and will put just about anybody on its surface, including Ted Cruz, who Glenn Beck has proclaimed is the next Moses.

I’m waiting for the day when Zuckerface tells the world he IS Baal.

Personally, I think we have bigger worries.  I hope my friend gets over it.

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Nobody Cares About My Blueberry Absurdities

Nobody Cares

I used to blog on Townhall, and for a while I was doing blogs called “Absurdity No. 349” or whatever. I forgot how high it got, because as we all know, absurdities abound in daily life…so, on this Friday afternoon before the usual ‘scandal’ dump, here’s a few absurdities going through my head:dog smile

Has anyone noticed that all news besides the Presidential campaign has stopped? An American was shot and killed by our government last week for refusing to do something simple like stop protesting, and nobody even said a word.

Rand Paul was silent. Ted Cruz was silent. Donald Trump was silent. Carly Fiorina… silent.

I guess the daily murders of blacks in our cites have gotten us so used to killings we really don’t care.

How absurd is it that we have to keep seeing that young spoiled rich kid who killed four people because he was drunk and raced off to Mexico, and then dyed his hair to look like a drug cartel? Every once in a while I look up, and there’s his mug shot. Do I care? No.

While everyone is talking about Iowa, Obama is starting his campaign to legalize all Mexicans in L.A. Why doesn’t he just give L.A. to Mexico? What’s stopping him? He’s black, he can do anything.  Right now, he can do just about anything.

I started watching the GOP debates this morning, and I’m sorry. I truly did fall asleep. There are only so many sound bites of Rubio claiming that he is going to destroy ISIS, and that’s all that matters, that it’s getting so I wish he would just go over there himself and hop in a tank, and start killing them, and leave the long winded speeches out of it.

I’m sorry, John Kasich cracks me up every time I see him. He has a face I’ve seen in a Supernatural Fun House episode. He’s the guy who at the end of the movie gets caught stealing the old ladies’ pension.

I dreamt last night that my van was stolen on some street where I had parked it. (I don’t have a van) I told the cops the exact description, and the cop lady came to me and said. “Due to your swift response we have FOUND the thief.” The thief was a six year old black kid.

“What makes you think this kid stole my van and drove it for 5 miles?” I said. “His foot couldn’t even reach the petals.”blueberries two

“The kid showed us how he did it.” said the cop.

He put his one hand on the gas, and the other hand on the wheel, while he was down in the foot area of course, he could not see out of the windshield, but the cops thought that didn’t matter.

“I don’t buy it.” I said.

“Do you want to press charges?” she asked.

Well, there I was…the kid was obviously in on the crime and should have to do something, but..what about the adult black MAN who obviously had done it, and put the kid up to it? What about him?

And then I woke up.

And such is life.

As I walked into the kitchen, my husband had spilled a whole bag of frozen blueberries on the floor up, and there I was, barely awake, on the kitchen floor, picking up hundreds of blueberries…

Meaningless in the scheme  of things…but about how I feel today.

Life is filled with thousands of  blueberries absurdities scattered all over my kitchen brain.

I need a vacation.




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Nobody Wonders…As Usual

Nobody Wondersmap of red and blue

–Can we just divide the country up? Mark Levine tonight is suggesting the United States divide into two parts: One for patriotic Americans, and one for the loonies. My mother had this idea in her last days on the planet….she thought that we should give the East and West Coast to the liberals, and the good people would get the middle of the country. This was around the year 2000.

“We’d have the bread basket” she said. Nobody Wonders how many Americans right now are thinking this is a good idea…they could keep their progressive Unicorn world, and as Mark said, Donald Trump could build us a big wall to keep them all out.

–If Jeb Bush thinks that putting on VERY expensive suits and reading from a teleprompter, and running his ads every hour on FOX is going to get him back in the race. Oh…he also magically got a very dark tan…in one day. Is Jeb’s big Hollywood makeover going to help?

—-If the new sitcom Minority Report is going to miss me. In the very first scene that I watched tonight, the black lady cop showed DASH (one of the telepathic psycho) a picture of the hand of the Statue of Liberty.minority report

And when Dash said he didn’t know what that was…she said it was the Statue of Liberty and they were celebrating Amnesty Day…(remember, this program is in the future) the day where 10 million immigrants were granted citizenship.

“Oh…that’s it.” I said. I looked at my husband.  We not only turned the channel, we erased all future recordings. Nobody Wonders how many other American did the same thing, but evidently a lot…because it’s being canceled.

—-Have you noticed that liberal politicians, actors, famous singers, etc, ALWAYS criticize America when they are OUT of the country? There’s a legal reason for that…they can’t be sued.

—-Why every late night comedian has to attack Bobby Jindal with nasty jokes when he so graciously dropped out of the race. Would they do that to a democrat?

—-Why the huge Mosque I passed today NEVER has any cars in the parking lot…where are all these ‘religious’ people?

Why Obama is trotting all over the world again. Was it just an excuse to ride in Air Force One and make all the other countries bow to him?

—-If ANYBODY believed that Charlie Sheen did NOT knowingly give lots of women AIDS?

–If dog treats from China have crack in them, because my dogs act like addicts when it comes to certain ones.

–And lastly…

–How I found a video of that kid and his father that I talked about today…but here it is…and you have to wonder: Seriously?

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If Not for the NRA, Chris Would Be Alive! According to Dad.

Nobody Flashes

Typical. The father of the narcissistic kid who hated women because he wasn’t getting the attention he thought he deserved, decides to blame the NRA for his son’s killing rampage. Will we find out if his ‘therapist’ had him on drugs?Chris the killer

His father said this:

Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights, what about Chris’ right to live?” he continued.

“When will this insanity stop?” he said. “When will enough people say, stop this madness, we don’t have to live like this? Too many have died. We should say to ourselves — not one more.”

His father made a film…where people kill with bows and arrows….which ‘kill’ people too.

Chris had a right to live?

Dad is obviously a big liberal who gave everything in the world to his son, but wisdom

While I don’t believe you can blame parents when their children go berserk, (most severe mental illness is just not anyone’s fault) a man with class would have apologized to the people who lost loved ones.

All THIS guy could think of was his loss. This kid was so screwed up, if he couldn’t find guns, he would have thought of another way.

Like father…like son. I am not posting the kid’s video because frankly, it’s boring.

So sad.


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