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Newtman Caingrich: Two Heads Are Better Than…?

Nobody’s Opinion

This has to be a first: Just two of the seven candidates running for the Republican nomination staged their own little love-fest tonight, and Nobody Thinks there was more to this than just the “too many people on stage and we wanted to cover more issues” spin.

I missed the first half of it, but the last half sort of let it out of the bag: These two guys are going to join forces…which from their point of view, makes sense. The last line they said put it in the bag, when Herman asked Newt —

Herman: “Mr. Speaker, if you were Vice President of the United States,” Mr. Cain said, pausing for effect as the crowd roared. “What would you want the president to assign you to do first?”

Newt: “Having studied my good friend Dick Cheney, I would not go hunting,” Gingrich joked.

(I’m sure Cheney is laughing…right now..probably looking for his gun…)

Oh sure…the ending looked spontaneous, but it was meant to plant a seed and it did. In fact, Nobody would be surprised if a Herman/Newt ticket wasn’t thought of by that first debate. Remember? Herman expressed that he had great admiration for Newt.

And the seed took:

This from the New York Times:

“I thought it was great, and the punch line at the end was fantastic,” said Bob Bailie, 76, a mechanical engineer who said he love to see a Gingrich-Cain ticket. “I think those two are a great team.”

Like I said, the old—plant the seed and see how it goes game.. all the politicians do it.

Nobody was surprised though, to find out tonight that this buddy affair between Newt and Herman is nothing new. Evidently Herman worked with Newt Gingrich on Hillary Care. Newt said so, tonight.

Mmmmmmmm…What was a Pizza King guy doing working in D.C. with Newt Gingrich? Was he hand-delivering the pizza?


Me, watching the 'debate.'


The American people know that the Washington elites want Romney for President. But it seems, by all accounts, both black and white think Herman is the better pick. (If you believe the polls.) They are roasting him merrily with all the “Did you do anything improper?” stuff.

(Bill Clinton could chip in his two sexual cents on this if he cared about us at all. He could at least earn some of that money we spend on him.)

Herman Cain’s problem is not his past, it’s how he is going to sound in a debate against Obama. Obama is slick. He speaks like a Harvard boy, and his style of “I’m superior because I’m educated” could be used in a debate to make Herman look like an uneducated man. The Democrats will jump all over his “colloquialism” with a vengeance.

You think they’re racist now, just wait till they get a REAL black guy to pick on. Jon Stewart will get a Pulitzer, and that’s before the election. 

Newt could help Herman, by standing at his side as the “all knowing Buddha of experience.” Together they would do the two heads are better than one (along with Herman’s mama) who is destroying us routine.

It might work.

Will it happen? Newt knows he’s out, and frankly, why is he running again? Didn’t he lose last time? Should we trust someone who is THAT stupid?  

Nope. This was no DEBATE…Newt said he would “sidestep the temptation to discuss Cain’s signature tax plan.”

Really? And just why is that exactly?

So…Nobody trusts Newt, and Nobody Wonders why Herman Cain trusts Newt, but I think I just found out. Newtman Caingrich— Multinational Banker Pizza Boss Man, teams up with Washington Established old Guard Man, might be coming to your home town soon. 

If they both lose, they can get MORE rich doing the circuit with Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, and continue to hide their money like all good dogs.


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  1. Youre able to entirely see your determination within the do the job you are writing. Worldwide hopes for a lot more ardent freelancers like your story which will not be fearful to suggest the way they think that. Normally follow your own middle..


    Comment by Jesusita Dari | November 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. In the complex world of American politics, you seem to have a whole bagful of loud talkers, white guys, black guys, multicultured and multicoloured gals, TV and radio ‘personalities’. Bore war relics and veterans, and creep Ivy leaguers up the Ying Yang. And Oz is called the ‘Lucky Country’.

    That’s because we get by, luckily, with a very few ‘persons’ of dubious quality, but all being persons of dubious quality. We have a Feminazi incompetent as a PM whose opposition comes from inside her own party in the form of a peripatetic and pathetic Foreign Minister/ex-Prime Minister (assassinated, not retired) known to all as Krudd.. The ‘official’ opposition is a chap called Abbott, who was a Jesuit seminarian once, and his side kick Bishop (who is a woman but as yet unfrocked let alone consecrated). His ‘Chief of Staff’ is some very pretty woman called Peta, not to be confused with Peter Costello, an ex-Treasurer who was (is) single-handedly responsible for Australia’s best OECD performance for so many years. He has retired from politics, more’s the pity. Peta is a powerhouse and ‘political wife’ whose word is law. She carries a whip and frankly leaves the Tomb Raider .Angelina jolly well in her wake.

    Back on the Government benches is an entire trireme crew of unhappy rowers who are shouting their displeasure as Gloriana Julia orders full battle order pace to propel them and the rest of the country onto the rocks of a Carbon Tax to appease the Global Warming Gods. She is ‘counselled’ by Green Druids who have her by the balls she thinks she has, and who are seeking human sacrifice as a ‘Change’.

    Sleep sound knowing that you only have Obama..

    On almost another matter, Gloriana has been busy fiddling her carbon credits while Qantas burned. After weeks of Union recalcitrance the CEO of the airline, Alan Joyce, shut the whole shebang down and locked the shirkers out. He may be well paid, Irish and living in sin with a bloke, but he is the toughest gay in the village and NO-ONE messes with him.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 6, 2011 | Reply

  3. Herman Cain was a Lobbyist around the white and halls of congress.


    Comment by willieparker | November 6, 2011 | Reply

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