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John Lewis took the Bus, Herman Cain, took the Wings.

Nobody Wins

Like many Americans, I’m sad today because only ONE cable network really gave Herman Cain the respect and love he deserved on his passing. CNN just said, basically, “He died, and it’s because he didn’t wear a mask, now, let’s go to Obama, Bush’s and Clintons’ speech at John Lewis’s funeral.

He died of Wuhan Virus, but did he? He was in an Atlanta hospital. If they are like the ones here, I wouldn’t trust them. He could have just died of the flu for all we know. How can you believe anything anymore? But, we do know that if you have diabetes, over 65, or have suffered from cancer, you’re more likely to not survive.

I wonder if they put him on a respirator, don’t you?

I ALWAYS turned on Herman Cain when he spoke. Next to Ben Carson, he was among my favorites in the 2016 Presidential race. He was all American. He always, like Trump, gave great opinions right from the heart. He would have been a good President.

He had an amazing life. From Wikipedia:

Herman Cain (December 13, 1945 – July 30, 2020) was an American business executive, syndicated columnist, and Tea Party activist. Cain grew up in Georgia and graduated from Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He then graduated with a master’s degree in computer science at Purdue University, while also working full-time for the U.S. Department of the Navy. In 1977, he joined the Pillsbury Company where he later became vice president. During the 1980s, Cain’s success as a business executive at Burger King prompted Pillsbury to appoint him as chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, in which capacity he served from 1986 to 1996.

Cain was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Omaha Branch from 1989 to 1991. He was deputy chairman, from 1992 to 1994, and then chairman until 1996, of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. In 1995, he was appointed to the Kemp Commission, and in 1996, he served as a senior economic adviser to Bob Dole’s presidential campaign. From 1996 to 1999, Cain served as president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

Cain’s success at Burger King prompted Pillsbury to appoint him president and CEO of another subsidiary, Godfather’s Pizza.

Herman was a true patriot and was Always there ‘for the people.’ He WAS a great man.

Now, as far as John Lewis goes…this nobody thought, if he hadn’t of marched with MLK, and played upon getting beat up on the marches every chance he got (BY Democrats) he would not have been promoted to the high office that he held for SO many years. The elites bought him out with his “I suffered!” story for years. Talk about never letting America get out of the past. Why should they? It gets them votes.

John Lewis was nothing more than a plantation owner for the rich elite deep state. They took him, and used him for black votes, and bought him out every time they needed to play the race card.

If you go online you find mostly these “I’m so kind and gentle” persona video’s of him, but this nobody remembers the anger and viciousness he had whenever he was on the Congress panels.

Truly, he is so fake, and he was so mean, I could hardly listen to him.

He was pretty disgusting. But then again, if you noticed, they drove his casket all over the place, and there weren’t many crowds there to see it. Trump was right, his own Baltimore was a trash hole for years. He later cried about the illegal children. (See the video below)

And so, Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Bush had to pontificate at his funeral, in order to trash President Trump. It’s an old democratic trick they NEVER miss. Where was Hillary I wonder?

So, if you think that John Lewis gave more to the country than Herman Cain, then I’d check that I.Q.

I for one, will NOT miss the hatred of John Lewis. He was a fake. He could have cared less about black people. He cared only for himself. (Notice how he is concerned about illegals dedicating all over the world, but no mention of his hometown or California’s homeless shitting in the streets.

That’s shows his hypocrisy.

But Herman Cain?

He was a REAL American, and I will miss him…dearly.

John Lewis, to this nobody, took the bus straight to hell. Herman Cain, well, he surely put on angel wings and flew to heaven.

Where ALL the angels can enjoy that beautiful smile.

R.I.P. Herman. America will MISS you.


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Newtman Caingrich: Two Heads Are Better Than…?

Nobody’s Opinion

This has to be a first: Just two of the seven candidates running for the Republican nomination staged their own little love-fest tonight, and Nobody Thinks there was more to this than just the “too many people on stage and we wanted to cover more issues” spin.

I missed the first half of it, but the last half sort of let it out of the bag: These two guys are going to join forces…which from their point of view, makes sense. The last line they said put it in the bag, when Herman asked Newt —

Herman: “Mr. Speaker, if you were Vice President of the United States,” Mr. Cain said, pausing for effect as the crowd roared. “What would you want the president to assign you to do first?”

Newt: “Having studied my good friend Dick Cheney, I would not go hunting,” Gingrich joked.

(I’m sure Cheney is laughing…right now..probably looking for his gun…)

Oh sure…the ending looked spontaneous, but it was meant to plant a seed and it did. In fact, Nobody would be surprised if a Herman/Newt ticket wasn’t thought of by that first debate. Remember? Herman expressed that he had great admiration for Newt.

And the seed took:

This from the New York Times:

“I thought it was great, and the punch line at the end was fantastic,” said Bob Bailie, 76, a mechanical engineer who said he love to see a Gingrich-Cain ticket. “I think those two are a great team.”

Like I said, the old—plant the seed and see how it goes game.. all the politicians do it.

Nobody was surprised though, to find out tonight that this buddy affair between Newt and Herman is nothing new. Evidently Herman worked with Newt Gingrich on Hillary Care. Newt said so, tonight.

Mmmmmmmm…What was a Pizza King guy doing working in D.C. with Newt Gingrich? Was he hand-delivering the pizza?


Me, watching the 'debate.'


The American people know that the Washington elites want Romney for President. But it seems, by all accounts, both black and white think Herman is the better pick. (If you believe the polls.) They are roasting him merrily with all the “Did you do anything improper?” stuff.

(Bill Clinton could chip in his two sexual cents on this if he cared about us at all. He could at least earn some of that money we spend on him.)

Herman Cain’s problem is not his past, it’s how he is going to sound in a debate against Obama. Obama is slick. He speaks like a Harvard boy, and his style of “I’m superior because I’m educated” could be used in a debate to make Herman look like an uneducated man. The Democrats will jump all over his “colloquialism” with a vengeance.

You think they’re racist now, just wait till they get a REAL black guy to pick on. Jon Stewart will get a Pulitzer, and that’s before the election. 

Newt could help Herman, by standing at his side as the “all knowing Buddha of experience.” Together they would do the two heads are better than one (along with Herman’s mama) who is destroying us routine.

It might work.

Will it happen? Newt knows he’s out, and frankly, why is he running again? Didn’t he lose last time? Should we trust someone who is THAT stupid?  

Nope. This was no DEBATE…Newt said he would “sidestep the temptation to discuss Cain’s signature tax plan.”

Really? And just why is that exactly?

So…Nobody trusts Newt, and Nobody Wonders why Herman Cain trusts Newt, but I think I just found out. Newtman Caingrich— Multinational Banker Pizza Boss Man, teams up with Washington Established old Guard Man, might be coming to your home town soon. 

If they both lose, they can get MORE rich doing the circuit with Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, and continue to hide their money like all good dogs.


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Donald Trump VS Jon Stewart

Nobody Reports

As you well know, my pic for Republican nomination was Donald Trump, because, he’s a business man, and not joined at the hip by any other corporate oligarchs. Sure, he’d make himself rich in office, and out, BUT…he would bring the American people along with him. Cain, has taken the lead because he too is a businessman and therefore open for “racist” attacks. The fact that he is being bombarded by Condi Rice shows that the Bush family does not want him to be the nominee.

Amway, here’s a video for educational purposes show you how political operatives who pose as comedians can get away with racist jokes, because they…are merely being funny. Frankly, I think Jon Stewart should go ahead and be as “racist” as he wants because I believe in free speech. What I don’t approve of is that liberals are allowed to be racist but conservatives aren’t.  Blacks can call each other niggers, but whites are not allowed to use the word, even calling another white…nigger. It’s absurd. The word “fat” hurts a person just as bad, but it’s not outlawed yet….not yet.

We are so controlled.


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