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Nobody Unloads…Information Overload

Nobody Unloads

OMG…I’m on information overload. Hopefully you won’t care if I dump this stuff right here, in no particular order:

1. Obama just made a speech and blamed the bankers for loaning money to people who couldn’t possibly find the money to pay for a house. All those poor Mexicans who couldn’t speak English, and those poor black people who can’t read…were ROBBED! He wants to help them.

What he didn’t say was that it was Janet Reno who threatened jail time and fines if the banks didn’t go out and do this. Obama is really good at lying. And making more promises for free stuff.

2. Michelle Obama is on the campaign trail. She was on Leno, and Rachel Ray, sounding so sweet about how much she loves “serving” the people and helping them get healthy.

Pass the salt, I’m throwing it over my shoulder.

3. McCain’s daughter “Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm” NBC pundit, CANDY McCAIN (I call her Candy because she has a head of cotton)  called Newt “selfish.” I can’t wait to hear what she says about Rick Santorum. He will be, “religious.” Candy needs to work on her vocabulary.

4. Carl Rove was so ecstatic that Mitt’s great piggy bank of wealth is going to beat everyone out of the elections, he practically dropped his little chalk board: an idea he stole from Glenn Beck, but when Karl writes on his little chalkboard, he looks like a father trying to tell his 2-year old he really knows what he is talking about: one plus one is five.

5. Muhammad, was really just another big thug in history. In the raid at Khaybar, (an oasis in the desert inhabited by Jews) he went in and slaughtered the Jewish warriors (took the women and children) and took the gold and silver. He always looted everything he attacked. He was big on torture, like lighting fires on chests. (I’m trying to vision this one, but what…did they use wood? Chest hair? ) The more I read about the guy, the more of just another evil ruler thug he becomes. He made up his own importance by saying “Oh..Allah talks to me! I am your chosen one…so says Gabriel!”

The difference between Muhammad and Jesus is like the difference between a Sequoia and a roach. (no offense to the roach.)

6. Politicians all break promises, but they say them to get elected. Daddy Bush’s famous “read my lips, no new taxes” (okay, that was after he was President) was followed up by what his son, George W. said while he was running for President

“I don’t think our troops ought to be used for what’s called nation building. I mean, we’re going to have a kind of nation building crops from America? Absolutely not.” Remember that while listening to Mitt.

7. Beethoven music teacher called him hopeless as a composer. Thomas Edison’s teachers said he was too stupid to learn anything. Henry Ford went broke five times before he succeeded. If you go by this record, there IS still hope for many of us.

8. The President can now execute without a trial anyone he considers a terrorist. Uh…so what is Obama’s definition of a “terrorist”? He won’t even release his college records, how are we going to find this out?

9. Some people TRAIN their dogs, other, like me, like to have them be their own natural selves, and yet, I’m not sure what this means. Does this mean that the people who train their dogs are actually smarter? Do the people who don’t teach tricks to their dogs have a harder time? (yes, yes) And is it because they are lazy because it takes a LOT of time to train a dog? What is the purpose of tricks? Does the dog really like to do the trick, as well as getting the treat? And if your too lazy to train your dogs to do tricks does that mean you just like the entertainment of the simple enjoyment of letting them be dogs? Isn’t that the same as teaching a dog to “sit up” just simple entertainment? I’m working on this one. The psychological meaning of why some people work hours to train their dog….to obey…or not.

10. All day long I’m taking in political information: I listen to the radios, watch the channels, read the latest books, think, rethink, debate myself on all the different views, and years ago I came to the conclusions that Mitt Romney was going to be the next pick by the Republicans for Presidents on the most absurd and unscientific reasoning of all. Body language.

(Although some, like Bill O’Reilly swear that it’s a science, and true.)

I remember the exact moment in time and the a look on his face. He was standing in the background waiting for the announcement of the nomination for President, in 2008, and McCain won. I will NEVER forget his look. It was “But they promised me! What?”

Now, I’m only human. I was as surprised about his look because it seemed obvious to everyone (but Mitt) that McCain was going to be the pick. And yet…he was shocked.

Many times I have suspected, after reading, and listening, and thinking, and reading more, that there really is a power class that can decide on who THEY want to be president, and make it happen. Many of these “candidates” go to China, secret meetings,(Bilderberg) as if they are being vetted, not by the American people, but by some secret global oligarchy. The secret oligarchy in the EU is now, not so secret, they are grabbing whole countries to take over. Obama just gave another trillion to help the EU.

The system is rigged. But, they must keep up the illusions: so we have the American “YOU pick the candidate..YOU!YOU! YOU!” contests and …surprise! The people always lose.

11. Having said that, I’m waiting for the robot to be invented that can go grocery shopping for me. I refuse to pay $40 dollars for a turkey, but I keep hoping…by the time they go on sale, the turkey I get will give me food poisoning.

I’ve had it before…and survived. I’m ready. Are you?

Thanks…I needed to unload.

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  5. And then there’s….the cell phone bill….


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  6. I am always available for you to unload on Sweetie.


    Comment by Pattie | February 1, 2012 | Reply

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