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Nancy Pelosi Forgets…Her BIG Gavel.

Nobody’s Perfect

Remember, in my last post I was talking about the people who just NEVER seem to go away? Well…Nancy Pelosi makes another great “gaff” in the history of stupid poltical statements.

Really, she’s has GOT to stop spending weekends with Joe.

Someone suggested that humans are just too ignorant to control anything…in the end, it’s who you know I guess, and if you know the right person, then you get the job. So, Nobody Asks: Was it just a random fluke that Nancy Pelosi is STILL in the Congress and is now surrounding herself with a bunch of …dimwitted ninny’s to run the country? Were these women voted in?

Did a nation of ninny’s vote in a rather clueless woman leader in Australia?

What’s with all these women? The worst of this video was cut out. Everyone is laughing at the fact that Nancy, in her own mind, STILL believes that she is the leader of the house, and after the REAL leader of the house making the comment that the tea party is dead, ( GOP John Beohner) I think she is right. But..then watch…Nancy giggles like a little girl…and comes out of it with the ‘unity’ nonsense.

It’s what she said BEFORE that little giggle that was annoying.

  • Pelosi touted the diversity of the new caucus, which grew to nearly 200 Democrats after last Tuesday’s election, boasting that it was the first caucus “in the history of civilized government to have a majority of women and minorities.” The party caucus in 2013, she said, would have 61 women, 26 Hispanics, 11 Asians, and five gay, one bisexual and 43 black members.
  • “With these new members, the tea party starts to roll back and problem-solving starts to move forward,” Israel said. “And that’s what this election was all about.”

Nobody Thinks that this ‘majority of women and minorities” is a direct hint at the ‘diversity’ bar that you…dirty, corrupt, white, and conservative man and woman, have to take heed to. Be forewarned: You may be the majority in numbers…but you are not represented anymore. They…don’t…like you.

Like the REAL gavel holder John Boehner, Nancy thinks the tea party is …gone. Somewhere in the halls of one of her many estates is the gavel she carried up the steps of Congress in order to bully the “tea party” people into accepting Obamacare.

The tea party is just another name for Americans who do not want the country to change into some kind of fascist dictatorship.

Nobody Wonders Why…Why are all these women ‘placed’ in power? And WHY is it again, that a bunch of people who come from so many different languages and cultures and can now rule a country, is a good thing?

I have my own Nobody Opinion, but I’d like to hear yours.

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  1. Bimbo/Feminist politicians are not given power, it seems. They are ‘Empowered’. By the ‘Village’. It is no surprise that the Village Idiots get ’empowered’ in the process and ‘find themselves’ standing on a platform blathering.

    When you think of all the perfectly sensible women going about their lives and acting like adults (when the situation ’empowers them’) it is astonishing that the thick, lame-brained and lazy actually get to represent them. Not that many men do better. Nancy and Joe Biden make a right pair. Or is that a left pair?

    In Oz, Juliar is now being seen, even by the left, as a liability. Indeed, she has done more damage to the Left political stream in Oz than any conservative could ever have hoped to have done. Not that the great unwashed Oz public seem to care. Just so long as there are hand-outs flowing like a flash-flood down the street many will keep on voting for her despite her bullying manner, her lies, her evasions, her shouting ‘misogyny’ at anyone who questions her ‘Policeees’.

    “There will be NO Carbon Tax truth under a government I lead”. And boy is the Government under her. The entire Labor party has a taste for cunnilingus it seems.

    She, like Nancy, does not need a gavel. She has a Pussy. All is forgiven for a pussy-power politician. Obama did well getting a second term without having one. But in typical lefty fashion, he used the pussies of well over half of the voting public that bothered to vote.

    By the way, a British MP, Nadine Dorris ( a blond with prominent boobs) is in Australia at the moment . Instead of being in Parliament in the UK representing the constituents who voted for her, she is taking part in a ‘survivor’ type show up in the Queensland jungle. Doing quite well it seems. Nothing quite like a wet shirt clinging to her personalities for garnering votes.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 14, 2012 | Reply

    • LOL! I like the “pussy Power” remarks…sometimes, you really outdo yourself! Send some of that brain over here…

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | November 15, 2012 | Reply

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