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Even if you WON the lottery, You had to be Chinese….

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It seems obvious to me, why it is SO easy to convince millions of people that the rich are just getting too out of hand. I present, 2 cases of “When there are people starving in Africa” (the liberals main talking point for decades) do we really need another sports car or gold trinket?

Ferrari has found a wonderful market for the new rich in China. They have made five..only five, and for $2 million some five Chinese guys are going to be really cocky. And you would have THOUGHT they’d have given this cool car a really simple name…you’d be wrong. It’s called Koenigsegg One. (No doubt after some German guy who invented the back wings.)

China's Ferrari

OR…you can bid, and have for your very own to show off to your kid..this 14 carat gold Lego…with it’s own box…original cost was $15,000, but at today’s prices? You tell me. And I suggest if you HAVE kids, do NOT buy it….that is, if your kids are normal.

Lego gold bar

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