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It Started In New York….

Nobody Knows

Someday we might be telling our grandchildren…. “It started in…New York.”

And the President has given himself full power to kill any American he sees fit.

February 5, 2013 - Posted by | American Culture, American History, Gun Control | , ,


  1. LOL! yes, they are truly scared of the babies aren’t they?


    Comment by joyannaadams | February 6, 2013 | Reply

  2. Grand-children? No, we are already telling our immediate children that we are at war with THEM. Children are terrorists. Official.

    Look, a policeman puts himself in danger to assure us of safety, and we just cannot exect him to go up against a 6 year old girl without having an arsenal at his belt. Actually, preferably in his hand. Especially if she has some powdered sugar concealed on her person. As for small boys making their fingers point like a gun, well what is a cop to do? Blast the little bugger, ‘Just in Case’.

    Those people at the meeting in NY just do not realize the extent of the danger. They are living in fairy-land (apologies to the LGBTG at als).There are kids in every street. Cities are full of kids just waiting to call one another ‘stinkey’ or (horrors!) ‘Gay’. Just how can a cop feel safe without an automatic (for the Officers: semi’s for the lower ranks: whoops, they are all Police Officers now) weapon? One of those kids, one day soon, is going to stick his tongue out at a cop and the entire civil order will collapse. They’d better order another 50 million rounds of hollow point.

    This is America. Get your Oz visa here.


    Comment by Amfortas | February 5, 2013 | Reply

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