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Nobody’s Fool: Marine Le Pen

Nobody’s Fool.

Here in America, they really aren’t saying much about MS Le Pen, who is running for the Presidency of France, and when I saw this was over 20 minutes, I said to myself, “Do I have the time today?”

Boy…am I glad I made the time. She had me glued to her every word after her first sentence.

This woman is phenomenal. She is even more truthful than President Trump, and the very clever BBC reporter places all the traps of trying to make her look like an idiot, and she turns it around with blinding speed.

You won’t regret watching this, and after watching this, think about Hillary Clinton, and compare.

Of course, they predict she can’t win, and I really don’t see how she can lose.

So, Congratulations Marine Le Pen, you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for this year so far, and I’m hoping the French people rise up and take their country back.

The people of the world, NEED you on OUR side.




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  1. Dear Joyanna,
    Like you, I almost didn’t watch the video since it was over 23 minutes, but on your recommendation I decided to take the time ~ you’re right, she was absolutely brilliant! I loved the part where she explained to him about borrowing money from banks! 🙂 Priceless! Blessings, Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | March 30, 2017 | Reply

  2. She takes no shyte and no prisoners. 🙂


    Comment by Amfortas | March 30, 2017 | Reply

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