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One of my readers alerted me to this last week: Veterans once again are getting ‘*$&%;’ by the idiots up in Washington, D.C.

The story says that Vets were upset at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery because they removed the Battlefield Cross marker, because…OMG…there was a gun in it.

God forbid we remind ourselves that soldiers USE guns to fight for our country. 

If it were up to liberals, we’d fight wars with lawyers, and Harvey Weinstein.

Here’s a few words from the article:

Veterans who make the pilgrimage to the cemetery to pay their respects to their comrades-in-arms say that one of the most powerful tributes that can be paid to service men and women is a battlefield cross, made up of a helmet, a rifle and a pair of boots.

The policy applies to all cemeteries operated by Veterans Affairs.

The battlefield cross can be displayed during a veteran’s burial, but must be removed after the ceremony.

Veterans say the rules drafted by bureaucrats are an affront to those who served their country and have no place on the hallowed grounds of a National Cemetery.

“I have yet to meet the Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, Coast Guard that isn’t upset over this,” said Overton. “They’re trying to change our history, and we’re not going to let them do it.’

Well, I’d like to know just WHO it was that found this ‘offensive’ wouldn’t you?

But…here’s the GOOD news! People all over the country got out the word, and those statues were put BACK.

Thank God, the vets at the cemetery spoke up.

And thanks to ‘g’ man who can claim some of the credit for getting out the word.

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