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Florence Takes Historical Political Sandal OFF the News

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Hurricanes. Here we go again: Watch the reporter blow away!

Like me, you are probably watching the great ‘fear’ fest of the newest hurricane—Florence. And like me, you are probably thinking, “Man, are they MILKING this for ratings and big money BIG time.”

Well of course…its what they do.

Hurricanes are part of mother earth’s great carnival of destruction. Having once been through a major one myself when I was a kid…I can’t help but think that NOW…things are much worse.

Back in 1963, when Donna hit Naples, Florida,…the damage was fantastic.

But remember, back then…there were no cell phones, no internet, no days without electricity, and not a whole lot of people on welfare.

The men of the nation had survived WWII. A hurricane was not as scary as Germans firing over their heads as they sat in freezing rain and mud for days on end…

That nation is almost gone now. Those men are gone. Now we have a nation who panics if Wall Mart closes their doors, or their iPhone doesn’t work.

Now, everyone is connected by cell phone. Hardly anybody has land lines anymore, and when Florence hits the beaches of North Carolina, everybody that didn’t leave will be cut off.

Having to sit without being able to text for weeks is going to drive them all crazy.

I have to say, while they encourage everybody to leave the state, I’m not sure I would leave, unless of course I was SURE that my house would be completely taken under water, and I had a relative who was willing to put up with me.

This is no longer 1963. There will be looting, and plenty of it. Not to mention, no water means no toilets. And I hate to break it to the pundits that I listen too, but most people do NOT have the kind of savings that can hold them in a hotel for months at a time.

We are a nation now depended on the grid more than ever before…. And STILL…
The Congress does nothing. Ask yourself why. (ALWAYS follow the money.)

The most damage done will be flooding…basements and houses. You know, the stuff that insurance NEVER covers.

And whatever the middle class has managed to save, will soon be gone repairing out of their own pockets…their house…and their cars.

I know some good people in North Carolina. They once were New Yorkers. They left New York because of the high taxes. They can hunt. They have supplies. They can live in tents if need be…and yes, they are white. So all you twitter people wishing white people off the planet, I hate to disappoint you…more than likely you might want to find those ‘deplorable’ backward hicks.

They just might save your life.

After the storm is over, there will be blame on the President. And NOBODY will ever mention how in his first year alone, he dealt with THREE major hurricanes with ease.

He will do the same with this one.

But…it’s funny, how this hurricane has taken over all the news JUST when it’s being found out there is irrefutable proof that the FBI, The Clintons, and the DOJ all worked together to stage a coup.

Major felonies have been committed….that should be the biggest headline.

And this coup is historical. It’s the first time in the history of the United States that this has happened.

But nobody is talking about it, everybody will be talking 24/7 about a major storm pouring a lot of rain on people who really don’t need it right now.

Hurricanes can come in handy when you want to distract.

Nobody Remembers when Obama was behind in the 2012 Presidential race, and New Jersey was hit by a horrible Hurricane named Sandy. Obama RAN to the rescue, got a lot of photo ops where he promised all kinds of help.

Which of course, never came, but I believe that Hurricane Sandy lifted Obama into a second term.

Let’s hope THIS hurricane is over quickly and we can get back to the business of prosecuting the crooks in the swamp.

In November America needs another huge hurricane out to destroy what’s left of that muddy swamp. .

We need…a Hurricane MEGA.

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