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Nobody Thinks Serena Williams Disgraced All American Women

Nobody’s Opinion

Clearly, this is the best example of the characteristic narcissistic behavior of the princess of bad behavior from Serena Williams. Her temper tantrum on the court was embarrassing to every American that watched it.

She was clearly losing. Even though, she was obviously out of shape since she had her baby, it seems she didn’t even bother to get in shape for the match. It was pretty clear to everyone watching that she KNEW the camera was on her, and she was trying to blame her losses on the ‘sexism” of the judge.

Typical liberal attack. Hey, Hillary used that excuse…why not?

She was warned. And unlike the men in tennis who were warned….she didn’t shut up. She kept harassing the man and demanding an apology. She just would NOT shut up.

He was right. She was wrong. And just like Hillary Clinton, she tried to blame her losses on her ‘sex.’

Her coach wasn’t stupid. He admitted right away that he was “coaching” and HIS excuse was “everybody coaches.”

Well gee…if everybody cheats…it should be okay, right?

Serena couldn’t blame it on her black face because her opponent was black. And by the way, was ALSO female.

And to add just how pathetic this whole “I’m a female and you are against me” crap is, Billy Jean King came out and praised her for her tantrum.

Poor Serena. Only 23 grand slams. She’s sooooooooooooo abused.

What was even worse was the way the crowd, who had no clue what was going on, because Serena was trying to act like she was wronged….actually caused great pain to the young woman who beat her. Her tears were one of great sorrow, from Serena’s disgraceful actions.

How DARE you beat the great Black Amazon! How DARE she!

Serena’s actions were those of a thug….a bully. She bullied that poor kid and the umpire. And they both had the class and the smarts and the GRACE to show good sportsmanship.

God bless that judge, and the other judges who didn’t bend to her tantrums.

I actually have heard from some liberal today on TV that breaking a racket shouldn’t be a big deal. Another liberal thought she should be excused because, you know, WOMEN GET EMOTIONAL.

Good lord. Haven’t the liberals been telling us that all women were equal to men? And they should be doing men’s jobs? And…and…if we have a woman President will we excuse her bombing some country….because….you know…WOMEN GET EMOTIONAL? 

There are rules. And the elites break them daily. And when they are stopped, they throw major temper tantrums like little kids.

It’s what the whole progressive moment is doing right now, throwing major tantrums.

Serena Williams might be a good tennis player, but today, she showed how classless she is. And how scared she is that her days are over.

Frankly, I think she should be banned from tennis for a year.

Watch this video, because all the other video’s will soon be edited to support her claims.

Nobody Asks the important question: Serena Williams…just WHO do you think you are? Superfly?

The smart thing to do was to lose gracefully and admit, you just had a child and the other woman just beat you fair and square.

That’s what Tiger Woods does, but then again…you’re not Tiger Woods.

Face it…you’re just an emotional…woman.

Go home and have a good cry, you’ll feel better.

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