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Hillary Clinton is right: We Must uphold the “rule of law.”

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The Constitution? Has anybody even looked at it lately?

That’s the question on my Nobody mind. When was the last time the democrats even thought about it?

The democrats like to talk about the constitution, but for years they have been developing a sure-fire unconstitutional way to destroy their political enemies.

They try them in public by starting rumors. An abattoir of lies. All they do is state a suspected crime, and then act as if that crime is committed. And the most effective weapon is and always HAS been: the sexual crime. They used it back in the beginning of our republic, and they are still using it still today.

Democrats. Carefully constructing the crimes out of thin air. For two years they’ve pushed the Trump colluded with Russia crime. Now it’s the Kavanaugh wouldn’t get off the girl in the bedroom crime.

They convict the republicans in the courtroom of the public domain, claiming their guilt, most of the time, without proof, as in Judge Kavanaugh’s case: saying they are guilty and ruining their lives without even the benefit of a trial by their own jury.

This is against all fairness, and our own constitution.

The accused have no rights. None. Even if proven non-guilty after a long time, the democrats have already used the ‘HE DID IT!” mantra and they post it throughout their many avenues of cable networks, video declarations, and now Hollywood stars, that the man is assumed guilty before he even gets a chance to defend himself.

This insidious and tyrannical weapon of mass destruction is used every day now by the democrats. In fact, they have institutionalized it into our very culture, with the #metoo movement.

They used it on Judge Moore, and many, many others.

And to make it more effective, they’ve even used it on their own liberal media stars…

It’s a necessary sacrifice that is an end to a means….a means to control and KEEP their power.
Any women can say a man ‘offended’ her, and the man is presumed guilty. (And then the women will vote!)

Hillary Clinton just yesterday said that we all must adhere to the “rule of law.” So, nobody says that we should ALL cry out and say:

“We agree with Hillary Clinton on this. Without the “rule of law” we are a lawless nation.”

We need to get back to the rule of law and unless Christine Ford can PROVE that after 35 years that Judge Brett Kavanaugh committed some crime, the whole thing is considered a joke. She must show up in front of Congress (since there WAS no crime committed) and stand her ground.

She either shows up Monday, or she’s a proven liar. The Judge, by law, has a constitutional right to defend himself, whether she likes it or not.

And by the way, “Hillary”: the rule of law means that Hillary Clinton should stand trial for her many crimes against the United States.

President Trump is right. We have no attorney general.

It’s time we got back to being the republic that our fathers, sisters, and brothers died for.

Without our Bill of rights…and the ‘innocent” until proven guilty that is embedded in our laws, we have no ‘rule of law.’

This communist tactic needs to be stopped.



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