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Nobody Flashes Rerun of Lindsey’s Greatest Moment


Nobody Flashes

We haven’t seen THIS guy since he was on the floor making his case against President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

Clearly, Lindsey stole the show. What is good about this scene is the look on Diane Feinstein’s face.

I got two things right last week: I said it would probably come down to one vote and that would be Flake’s.

And I also was very suspicious that Dr. Ford was an actual working psychologist, like she claims…because she should have been in a mental ward not treating other people. It seems to be...she’s really not. 

John McCain, who suffered us all with Obamacare, knew he wouldn’t be around to feel the hatred.

Jeff Flake, on the other hand: will.

It will be interesting to see if he caves, won’t it?


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